10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Chefs

Santa’s visit is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about which christmas gift ideas will really impress that special someone in your life. If you have a chef at home, gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out these 10 awesome kitchen-themed presents that are guaranteed not only to wow your hardworking gourmet, but also make his or her time in the busiest room in the house even more pleasurable.

High-End Pots and Pans

Most folks can’t afford to purchase a full set of high quality cookware when they first start out, and now your accomplished casserole-maker has to make due with a variety of pots and pans, some better suited to the task than others. Invest in the stainless steel pieces, and show your favourite cook how good they’ve been this year.

Counter Refacing

Counter RefacingSometimes it’s not the equipment or the tools that need updating, it’s the kitchen itself. Did you know that you could have us come in to resurface your existing countertop, and be enjoying your new burn and scratch free counter that evening while prepping dinner? Give your good girl or boy the kitchen of his dreams by renovating the countertops for a more beautiful and efficient workspace. Counter refacing is far less expensive than replacement, and it takes less time too.

Overhead Pot Rack

Now that you’ve acquired all that beautiful equipment, where are you going to put it? An overhead pot rack is not only a great space saver, but it also adds a professional look to a kitchen. With his tools at the ready, your home chef can whip up a soufflé or sear a pot roast without breaking a sweat.

Cast Iron Grill Pan

Cast Iron Grill Pan
You can buy this one here.

Not every gift has to break the budget, and sometimes the best gifts are the inexpensive ones that last forever. A cast-iron grill pan is nearly indestructible, and it allows a family to enjoy the distinctive taste of summer grilling year round.

Home Grinder

If hamburger night happens more often than laundry day, you may want to consider a home grinder. This handy device grinds up beef, pork, chicken or turkey for one-of-a-kind burgers that are more succulent, and often healthier, than any you can order. It’s a unique idea that most home chefs are missing.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing‘Tis the season for renovation and not just for your bad habits, like countertop refacing, cabinet refacing is quick and affordable, and it gives the kitchen that modern appeal that makes it a joyful place to work. Skip the hassle of a full replacement, and use the convenient and professional services of NuStone Transformations to overhaul your favourite room without disrupting dinner.

Spice Rack With Exotic Spices

A great chef knows spices are what make the meal, but all those little bottles can clutter up a kitchen counter or cabinet. Instead, buy an interesting spice rack that’s both attractive and useful, and go a step further and include specialty herbs, spices and salts as stocking stuffers.

A Sous Vide Machine

A Sous Vide Machine
You can buy this one here.

If high-tech gadgetry is more in keeping with your home chef’s tastes, consider adding a sous vide to her arsenal. This handy contraption keeps a constant, controlled temperature, so there’s never any risk of under or over cooking a prime piece of meat again.

A Comfort Rug

Standing for hours on tile or hardwood can be hard on backs, hips and feet. Improve the appearance of your kitchen while offering your culinary artist respite from all the holiday cooking with a comfort rug with gel cushioning. They come in many colors and patterns and feature a non-slip bottom for safety.

Crystal Stemware

Crystal Stemware
You can view different
shapes and sizes

With the celebrations of Christmas and New Year come lots of opportunities to toast loved ones and imbibe rich wines, so what better gift for a chef or hostess than a collection of high quality crystal glasses that naturally heighten the drinking experience? Try German-made Schott Zwiesel if you want the best-of-the-best.

The holidays are an exceptionally busy time for home chefs, who are always busy basting, searing, roasting and baking all the delicious treats everyone else gets to enjoy. Show them how much their commitment to cuisine means to you this year with these fabulous gifts.

If you’d like to find out exactly how much cabinet refacing or countertop resurfacing will cost, contact us today.