How to Remove Mold From My Basement?

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How to Remove Mold From My Basement?

If your basement has poor ventilation and mostly moist, it is likely to have molds growing there. Mold is dangerous to health, and you should find way

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If your basement has poor ventilation and mostly moist, it is likely to have molds growing there. Mold is dangerous to health, and you should find ways to remove it as soon as possible.

Although molds are common in homes, they grow more in basements that are vulnerable to moisture, flooding, water damage, etc. The most common types of mold in homes include Penicillin, Cladosporium, and Aspergillus. You may have these molds in your basement. They can spread to the entire house, that is why you should remove then early.

What Are The Dangers of Mold? 

When you have mold in your basement or home, you should not feel unconcerned because of the dangers they pose to your health. To know the damagers of molds in your home, read more.

1. Respiratory Illness 

Inhaling mold spores can cause the inflammation of the airway, which can result in another infection. Persons with a weak immune system are vulnerable to this infection.

2. Allergy

When inhaled into the lungs, mold’s spores can trigger allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes, red eyes, nasal congestion, and skin irritation.

3. Cough 

Another danger of mold is that it can irritate the lungs and cause a cough. 

4. Asthma

No matter how healthy you are, exposure to mold can make you develop asthma, which may be chronic and life-threatening. 

5. Lung Infection

Mold can be invasive when inhaled into the lung, and may not stop at infecting the lungs only but spread to the heart, brain, and kidneys. 

Knowing the dangers of molds, you must get rid of them from your basement and home. 

How to Remove Mold From My Basement?

Here are the ways to remove from your basement:

1. Water Damage Restoration

Mold is usually caused by flooding water leaks in the basement piping, etc. When you cut the water supply to your basement, it would help stop the spread of molds. 

2. Dehumidifiers

Use a dehumidifier to remove excess humidity from your basement and normalize the level of moisture. Molds will be denied high levels of moisture required to grow. 

3. Chemical Fogging 

You can also remove mold by using recommended chemicals through a fog machine. The fogging method will ensure that the chemical reaches everywhere in the basement. 

4. Wall Sealers

Apply basement wall sealers to stop mold growth and fix leaks that happen in the basement.

5. Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement will stop water leaks and prevent excess moisture. As a result, molds in the basement will be got rid of.

6. Home Remedies

You can remove mold from your basement by relying on items found in your home. Vinegar, tea tree oil, and hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with water and applied to your basement walls. 


Mold can pose severe threats to your health and life and damage to property if it spreads to the entire home. Remove Mold from your basement using any of the tips provided above.