How to Renovate a Small Condo?

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How to Renovate a Small Condo?

Looking for condo renovation Toronto tips? Do you want to enhance your small condo space? Do not stress out; you will be able to renovate your small c

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Looking for condo renovation Toronto tips? Do you want to enhance your small condo space? Do not stress out; you will be able to renovate your small condo after reading this write-up to the end, without hassles. 

Usually, condos have limited space you can maximize. Regardless some helpful tips will improve the amount of space available and enhance the aesthetics of your condo space. However, it is crucial to obtain approval before you begin the renovation, and keep in mind to follow the condo renovation rules of the condo association in your area. 

As you have decided to go on with condo renovation Toronto, hire an experienced contractor who understands the complexities involved in condo renovation. After this, consider the following condo renovation tips:

1. Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most commonly renovated areas in any condo. As a result, start your condo renovation Toronto from here. There are many ways to make a small kitchen more efficient. Replace or install countertops to provide a platform to work and make your kitchen organized. Replace outdated appliances with energy-efficient models. Replace faucets and upgrade the lighting fittings.

2. Living Room Renovation

Take a look at your living room and find out what can be upgraded, removed, or replaced. First, replace the bulky chairs or seats with space-saving and multi-functional seats that can serve as seats or a couch. Besides, replace old TV with a flat-screen model to save space. Opening up space in your living room will allow more renovations to take place.

Consider installing chandelier lights in your living room. Repaint the ceiling and walls, and install glass ornaments to make the living room more aesthetics. 

3. Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is another crucial area you can renovate. You need to consider the existing layout in the bathroom because it is usually small. Decide what the renovation goals are – functionality or aesthetics. 

Whatever your goal is, you can make improvements that will enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Hire an experienced bathroom remodeler to install a glass shower in your kitchen. Replace the toilet with an efficient model. Replace the sink and install a new mirror. Also, let the lighting fixture be replaced. 

4. Bedroom Renovation

Your bedroom does not have to retain its traditional look. You can explore the possibility of upgrading to a standard enclosed bedroom. Change lighting and furniture in the room. 

5. Painting

Your condo renovation Toronto will be incomplete without repainting the walls of your small condo home. Choose colors that are interesting and will enhance the features of your home. 


As you replace old appliances to make a small kitchen more efficient, you can also replace a bulking refrigerator with a small refrigerator. Hire an experienced contractor to make the project hassle-free.