How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

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How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

If you’re interested in kitchen renovations, you will discover there are numerous projects you can follow. And one of those is refacing kitchen cabine

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If you’re interested in kitchen renovations, you will discover there are numerous projects you can follow. And one of those is refacing kitchen cabinets. It is an interesting task to perform, and it can offer an entirely new appearance to any kitchen. And if you’re wondering how you can reface kitchen cabinets, this article is for you. Read on to discover our designer’s insights on this topic!

How can I reface my kitchen cabinets?

How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

The first thing you should consider is that this can turn out to be an extensive kitchen renovation project. This can happen, especially if you’re planning a DIY approach. Still, the following insights can help you reface kitchen cabinets and achieve an outstanding result!

#1 Choose to reface only if you like your existing kitchen layout

Our experts say that you should reface cabinets only if you like your kitchen layout. It can freshen up space and offer a welcoming design to your kitchen. But if you don’t like the layout, it is a poor solution since you’ll have to change almost everything. So, before jumping into this type of kitchen renovation project, think thoroughly about your needs and expectations.

#2 Think about the materials available

If you plan to reface kitchen cabinets, you should take into account the variety of materials available. For example, you’ll have non-adhesive rolls that require adequate contact cement. Or you’ll have a peel-and-stick adhesive roll with adhesive already in place. Choose a product that matches your skills and needs. In this way, you’ll avoid unnecessary hassle.

#3 Be patient

Refacing is more affordable than replacement. But you’ll have to get your patience together. You need to follow a couple of steps, which is why attention to detail is key to your success. You’ll have to:

  1. You’ll have to start by removing the doors and drawer fronts from the cabinets
  2. Look for damage or dents and fill any with wood putty
  3. Gently sand the cabinet face frames
  4. Wipe all surfaces clean and allow the surface to dry
  5. Install new panels on the sides of the cabinets
  6. Install the veneer on the cabinet face frames
  7. Trim the cabinets with new moldings
  8. Set up new hardware

Is it worth refacing kitchen cabinets?

Many people choose to reface kitchen cabinets because it is more affordable than purchasing new ones. But, of course, it comes with ups and downs!

It can be challenging to do it yourself! For example, veneering can be tricky, and it will take you quite some time to master it. Also, any mistake with the replacement materials or drywall can compromise your kitchen renovation.

The bottom line

If you like spending time with DIY projects, refacing kitchen cabinets is suitable for you. It can help you save some money while improving the appearance of the room. Make sure you research the necessary steps and recommended materials. It will ease the job and get you started well-equipped. Besides this, you should prepare yourself with patience!