What are the Signs of a Bad Roof?

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What are the Signs of a Bad Roof?

A bad roof is calamitous to the safety of your home and belongings. So, if you notice that your roof is bad, you shouldn’t waste time before hiring a

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A bad roof is calamitous to the safety of your home and belongings. So, if you notice that your roof is bad, you shouldn’t waste time before hiring a professional roofer to fix the problem.

Given this, how can you identify a bad roof? Here are the signs of a bad roof that you must know.

  • You have cracked shingles

When your shingles are expired and too old, you will start seeing cracks all over them. The deterioration of cracked shingles will increase significantly and expose your home to roof leaks and water damage. So, replacing them is important to avoid more problems.

  • Your shingles are missing

A common sign that can tell you that your roof is bad is when you start noticing some missing shingles. Generally, missing shingles will allow cold, heat, and moisture to get into your home and these elements can make your home uncomfortable.

Based on the number of missing shingles in your roof, you may need to repair or replace the roof.

  • You have curled and frayed shingles

Sometimes, the only sign you will notice is that the shingles are frayed and curled at the edges. This usually occurs when your shingles are too old and require a replacement. The long-term exposure to sunlight and moisture are responsible for these curled and frayed shingles.

  • Your energy bills are significantly high

Have noticed that your energy bills are increasing monthly? Are you spending more on energy bills than you used to do? If yes, your roof is bad and you are dealing with problems with roofing in Hamilton and its environs. A bad roof will not be able to insulate your home; hence, cold and heat will get in easily. As a consequence, you will need to use your air conditioner and heat more than before, and this will increase your energy bills.

  • You can see moss on your roof

If moss has turned your roof into its new home, then you can rest assured that your roof is bad. Notably, if large amounts of moss have covered your roof, it will be quite tasking for you to get rid of them. Nevertheless, you should act on time so that the structure of your home will not be compromised by the moss.

  • Light is coming into your attic

Properly installed roofs should be able to prevent light from getting into your attic. However, when your roof is poorly installed, compromised, or too old, it may start allowing light to get into your attic. Although light may not have any damaging effect on your home, creepers, water, and other elements may come into your house from the same spots where light is coming in. Therefore, you should understand that it is crucial for you to take care of the problem.

So, if you are dealing with any of the aforementioned issues with your roof, you should note that it is time to repair or replace your roof. Get in touch with a well-versed roofer to take care of your commercial or residential roofing in Hamilton.