How do you renovate a small condo?

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How do you renovate a small condo?

Popularly known as Condos, a condominium is a living unit that is smaller than the size of a standard apartment. Some condos are actually so small tha

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Popularly known as Condos, a condominium is a living unit that is smaller than the size of a standard apartment. Some condos are actually so small that they don’t have designated areas except the bathroom/toilet. Now, most people like having their personalities reflected in their living space, but is it even possible to do that in a small condo? With the right plan and products, yes you can. How do you renovate a small condo? Let’s find out! 

1. Create a plan 

The first and most important thing when it comes to renovating a small condo is working with a plan. Let your plan include the budget and design for your condo renovation plan. With a plan, you can easily convince the condo board to approve and give the right directions to any hired contractor or staff you have to hire for the renovation. A small condo is a limited space but, with a plan, you can renovate it flawlessly. 

2. Optimize the available space

With your plan in-hand, you can move on to assess the space available in the condo. Switch long sofas for shorter ones that can be used to make a room look more spacious and stylish, convert a demarcation in the kitchen area to an open floor space and keep as many items in drawers and shelves as you can to avoid cluttering. It doesn’t have to be minimal to optimize space, just make best use of the condo size.  

3. Find the right contractor 

There is a limited space for a contractor to work in a small condo, and if it isn’t a professional who has experience working in small spaces or is creative enough to figure it out, you may not get your desired end result. Do proper research into the contractor you plan to hire and ask all the questions to get the conviction that they will be able to deliver what you need for the condo renovation. 

4. Get alternative storage 

To create space for your new home improvement items or simply have more floor space, you can get alternative storage for items you don’t need on a regular basis like seasonal clothing, occasion-based furniture and cutlery, and other items like these. In a small condo, you need all the space you can get, and sometimes external storage might just be all the renovation you need to do to achieve a new look. 

5. Use modern engineering to your benefit 

Modern engineering is the type of furniture and space design that allows you convert a sofa into a bed, a solo dining table into a multi-seat dining table, and so on. With modern engineering furniture and fixtures, you can manage the space in a small condo and still achieve a great renovation project.

Some people say home is where your heart is, and when you see your personality and taste infused in your condo, no matter how small it is, it begins to feel like home! Just remember to seek and confirm the condo board or landlord’s consent before carrying out your condo renovation plans.