5 Ways To Improve Concrete Appearance

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5 Ways To Improve Concrete Appearance

Every concrete driveway has the potential to look great. All it takes are a few tips and tricks that can be done by anyone to improve the way their co

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Every concrete driveway has the potential to look great. All it takes are a few tips and tricks that can be done by anyone to improve the way their concrete driveway looks.

What do I need?

All you will really need for this project is time, patience, and attention to detail. Even if you don’t have much experience working on concrete, you should be able to implement these tricks easily. You may also want some basic tools such as trowels or concrete finishing equipment.

1. Repairing Damage To Concrete Driveway

The first thing you’ll have to do in order for your concrete driveway’s appearance to improve any damage that may have occurred over time. These damages could include cracks caused by moving objects, etching from acid rain, or stains due to oil spills.

2. Add Texture To Concrete Driveway

One way of how to make your driveway look better is by adding texture. You can add different types of texturing materials including pea gravel, brick chips, asphalt millings, etc. Once you’ve decided what texture type would look best with your concrete driveway, simply pour it into the concrete before it dries completely. Just remember that if you plan on utilizing this trick for an extended duration of time, you should choose a texture that is easy to maintain and won’t break down easily.

3. Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are another good way to improve the appearance of your driveway. What they do is provide a fresh, new layer of concrete on top of your old concrete driveway while also adding some decorative aspects to it as well. For example, if you live in an area where winter brings lots of snow and ice accumulation, you could add concrete overlays that have grooves etched into them so that when snow or ice melts away from your driveway, it will bring with it less dirt and grime upon evaporation.

4. Seal Your Concrete Driveway To Prevent Stain

Concrete stains are tough to remove and sealants usually don’t work well on concrete that has stains. Even though they can be bothersome, you should always attempt to seal your concrete driveway whenever moisture is present. This will prevent it from absorbing liquid which in turn keeps it looking nice and clean.

5. Work With Your Concrete Driveway To Make It Look Good

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your concrete driveway is by simply working with it so that it looks good. For example, if your home’s block foundation happens to peek through at the top once you’ve paved over it with concrete, then maybe consider building a small wall or railing around it that matches with the rest of your house’s concrete work. Another example is to make sure that the concrete’s color matches your home’s exterior paint job.

There are many ways you can improve a concrete driveway appearance but these 5 ideas should be a good start for anyone looking to do concrete residential work.