3 Important Reasons You Need To Line Drawers and Cupboards

Did your mother use contact paper to line drawers and cupboards? Ours did, and we always thought it seemed like a lot of work to impose the tiny floral print somewhere that few would see it. But as it turns out, mom was onto something.

Protect your cabinets from moisture

Lining your kitchen cabinets protects the wood from the drops of water that follows glasses and plates from the dishwasher into the cupboard.

By preventing watermarks and moisture triggered deterioration on the inside of your cabinets, you preserve the cabinet box and keep your costs down if you choose to renovate in the future.

A solid cabinet box simply requires cabinet door replacement to change the look, rather than an overhaul of the entire fixture.

Protect your cabinets from scratches

Many of us keep small appliances, and heavy pots and pans, in our cupboards. Unless you’re the epitome of organized (if so, we applaud you), there will likely be some banging and scraping when it comes to remove or return an item from its place.

Lining your kitchen cabinets will help protect the inside of your cabinets, so that you will never have to replace the entire cabinetry unit.

Make cleaning easier

Lined cabinets are easier to wipe down, and require no special cleaner (where certain types of wood might).

If the thought of replacing contact paper is unappealing, try this trick: cut vinyl flooring to fit in your drawers and cabinets, and secure it with removable wall poster adhesive. It is much more resilient, so you will never have to change it!

That’s why line drawers and cupboards are so important.