3 Reasons Why Tile Slabs Are Better Than Traditional Tile

Let’s talk why tile slabs are better than traditional tile.

When renovating a kitchen or bathroom, you have many considerations on your mind. Creating a welcoming and beautiful space is not only important for the personal appeal of the room, but also for the value of the home.

Choosing glass mosaic tiles ensures your room is elegant, modern and functional, but there are choices within that category that must be decided. Not sure whether commonplace tile sheets or their larger tile slab counterparts are the better selection? Here are a few of the many ways tile slabs prove superior to traditional tiles, and why you’ll love the end result not only for its style but also for its durability.

1. Simple and Quick Installation on Tile Slabs

Simple and Quick InstallationSome people are very handy DIYers. They can pick up just about any tool and produce something professional with it. On the other hand, not everyone has an affinity for home improvement, and others want a job done well with little downtime. If you’re renovating a kitchen or bathroom, you don’t have an excess of spare time, cash for eating out or extra bathrooms necessarily to depend on while learning how to grout. Fortunately, slab tiles go in far faster than traditional tiles, and courteous and knowledgeable professionals complete most installations in a single day.

What helps speed up those installations is the absence of demolition. Slab tiles are directly applied to walls, even if there are existing surfaces. The result is custom, eco-friendly and speedy, and you’ll never have to worry about sealants at all.

2. Fuss-Free Maintenance

Every surface in the home requires some kind of maintenance in order to keep it looking tip-top, and that’s true of slab tiles too. They don’t, however, require high levels of care and far less than traditional tiles. Glass tiles resist dirt and grime and wipe clean with mild detergents. In fact, many homeowners opt to make their own cleaning products using baking soda, vinegar and occasionally lemon juice. A soft bristle brush can clean tougher stains on grout, but slab tiles boasting pre-applied latex grout feature less opportunity for food and other particles to settle into edges, ensuring long lasting beauty with little effort.

3. Value and Longevity

Value and LongevityWhen making an investment in a home, it’s essential that it continue to pay off well into the future. Few people cherish the notion of repeating a renovation yearly, so it makes sense to choose materials and designs that will survive the predictable stresses of home life, with or without children. Slab tile offers better protection from the wear and tear of time than traditional tile. There’s less chance of leaking, less likelihood of grout damage and far less risk of staining. Compare these traits with other forms of wall applications or even traditional tile, and you’ll find it’s an easy choice after all.

You have enough details to worry about when deciding how to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or other personal space in the home. Don’t let choosing the type of glass tiles be a burden. Beautiful and durable Italian glass mosaic tiles in slab form install quickly, outlast the competition and require very little upkeep, all while maintaining a custom look you’ll love for years. You may have to sacrifice the thrill of DIY, but the reassurance of a lifetime warranty more than makes up for it.

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