6 Questions to Ask Before Deciding Your Bathroom Colour Scheme Choice

Deciding on a bathroom colour scheme can be one of the most difficult parts of a remodel, since the bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms to style in a house. You certainly don’t want a place that feels like it’s purely functional, but knowing how to create an inviting and comfortable bathroom isn’t necessarily intuitive for many people. The first step in making any area of the home hospitable is adding colour, and the bathroom is no exception.

Choosing a welcoming and tasteful colour palette is essential. It helps determine the look of every other material, and it’s the first big step towards a stylish commode. To help you on your path to on-trend bathroom décor, here are six questions to guide your bathroom colour scheme choice, so you end up with a personalized space that’s beautiful and bright.

1. How Big Is Your Bathroom?

How Big Is Your BathroomSize definitely matters when it comes to painting a room. A smaller room benefits greatly from light colours that make the space feel larger and brighter, while big rooms can afford to take on deep shades and moody tones without feeling cramped. If your space needs a bit more elbow room, consider using pastels, lighter shades or a tint of your favourite colour—a tint is the colour mixed with white—and you’ll have a roomier space to get ready in the morning.

2. What Kind of Mood Do you Want to Evoke?

What Kind of Mood Do you Want to EvokeYour bathroom can transport you; you just have to pick colours that arouse a certain feeling. Do you want a sanctuary that’s peaceful, calm and clean? Opt for soft, light colours that are natural in theme, like sea foam green or periwinkle blue. For an invigorating room, use bright colours balanced with stark white. The combo will pop and make you feel jazzed. For a sophisticated spot that oozes class, combine neutrals, like grey and soft white, for an elegant end result.

3. What Direction Does the Window Face?

What Direction Does the Window FaceThis may not be an obvious assessment at first, but the amount of natural light a bathroom sees can make a big different in the way colour is perceived. Plus, if there’s little natural light your room can seem smaller and, naturally, darker. North-facing rooms should use warm shades, south-facing rooms can use either warm or cool tones, west-facing rooms should use neutrals with a warm tint, and east-facing rooms should use a soft warm or cool shade.

4. What Colour Are the Fixtures?

What Colour Are the FixturesIf you’re starting a room from scratch and completely renovating a bathroom this question doesn’t play a part yet. But if your toilet, sink, bath and other fixtures are already in place, and you’re simply adding paint, the colour should always complement the pieces already installed. White is the most common colour for bathroom fixtures, which gives you the greatest variety of options, but if you have a different shade, be sure and use that as your inspiration for a broader colour scheme.

5. What Kind of Lighting Do You Use?

What Kind of Lighting Do You UseArtificial light is as important to the overall look and feel of a room as natural light, though the results are very different. If you have upward facing lights aimed at the ceiling, you can use darker tones and still have an open feeling. Lighting that casts a glow across the entire room is also useful for making a space seem larger. Minimal lighting means more intimacy, but you also have to use lighter shades to compensate.

6. What’s Your Personal Taste?

The most important question, ultimately, is what is your style? What are your favourite colours, and how do you want to feel when you walk into the bathroom each day? If you love the charm of cottage bathrooms but feel like you need follow a trend for modernism, don’t! You use the bathroom every day, and it has to make you happy when you enter.

The bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it deserves the same consideration as any other that gets outfitted in décor. Dress up your bathroom just the way you like it, so it looks and feels clean and appealing. Use these quick questions to help you pick out a beautiful colour scheme that makes the most of this intimate space.

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