6 Tips to Creating a Baking Friendly Kitchen

Have you ever tried baking in a kitchen that wasn’t really a baking friendly kitchen? If you had to bake 15 dozen cookies in a kitchen that isn’t tailored for baking it could easily spoil the entire experience.

Many people wonder what makes a kitchen a baking friendly environment (such as extra counter space) and what makes it less appealing (the way a sink can interrupt the counter space next to the oven).

There are many ways you can easily create a baking friendly kitchen. While everyone would like to make their kitchens as ergonomic as possible, it’s not always possible to make major changes. Luckily, you don’t have to make major changes.

Here are six things that will help to make your kitchen a real baking kitchen:

Organization and counter space:

Organizing Kitchen to free up counter space

One of the keys to creating a baking friendly kitchen is its layout. Everything needs to be easily accessible in order to make baking more fun. One of the best pieces of advice is to make sure the baking utensils you use often are kept close by in a canister – this prevents occurrences of things like cookie dough fingerprints on drawers and handles.

Natural Light:

Baking Friendly Kitchen You should also try to let in more natural light sources as this will not only make your kitchen seem more spacious and brighter, but will also make it much more pleasant to spend time in.

Cookbook stands:

Cook Book Stand

There’s nothing worse than ruining a new cookbook with ingredients and food. If you’ve got cookbooks in the kitchen, make sure they’re on stands with a protective front and that they’re not exposed to humidity from the stove


Hang up your items:

Hang up items to save space in your kitchenInstead of shoving aprons and towels in a drawer, hang them up so that they are easy to reach and out of the way

Company while baking:

Creating a baking friendly kitchen

You know what would be great while you’re baking? Having an island with some barstools makes it incredibly easy to spend time with your kids or spouse while you’re baking.

Different types of countertops:

Engineered Granite Stone Countertop

There are a lot of different kitchen countertops available on the market.  If at all possible you should have a reserved space on the  counter top in your kitchen that you can use to roll out your pastry and pie crusts. However if you are looking to create an ideal baking environment engineered granite stone countertops are the best. In most of the baking friendly kitchensout there, you’ll notice engineered stone granite counter tops

There are many reasons why engineered stone is so popular. When you’ve got an engineered stone granite counter, you don’t have to worry about scratching or burning the surface – you can cut on it, roll on it, put hot cookie sheets straight of the oven on it without damaging the surface. Another added benefit is that food (like blueberries) won’t stain or discolour the counter. It is resistant from abuse from children, heat and many other elements found in the kitchen and home. Engineered granite countertops are also affordable and can liven up or refresh the look of your kitchen without breaking your budget.

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