8 Ways to Boost Your Home Value

Let’s talk about 8 ways to boost your home value.

Your home is most likely your single largest investment, and it always makes sense to make that money work for you and grow as much as possible. Fortunately, there are several ways to increase your home’s value whether you’re interested in selling it, enhancing your living experience, or maximising your investment. Some renovations are inexpensive and can be done over a weekend while others are more involved projects with equivalently larger pay-offs. Consider the areas of your home that most need upgrading, and try one of these following improvements for a noticeable boost in value.

Refresh the Landscaping

If the lawn is patchy, the foliage thin, and the area underutilized, it’s time to rethink your outdoor space. Both the front and backyard are important for buyers, and an enhanced front yard can instantly add curb appeal that promotes your home before anyone even enters. If you have the budget and you need a real overhaul, hire a professional landscaping service to re-sod the lawn or develop a customized landscape with trees, bushes, flowers, and special features like pathway lights or a fence.

Update the Entrance

While you’re increasing the curb appeal, don’t overlook the front door. Simple, inexpensive fixes include changing the paint, swapping out old fixtures for new ones, and adding attractive street numbers. To really impress, switching out the door for a new, more stylish or efficient one (a good door seal can save a lot of money on heating and air conditioning expenses) may be a good choice if the door has more than just basic cosmetic damage.

Full Bathroom Renovation

nice bathroomThe money you sink into a bathroom investment can typically add an equivalent number to the home’s value, depending on the choices you make. Countertops, cabinets and sinks are usually the areas most in need of improvement, though switching out a standard tub and shower for glass-walled, spa-like sanctuary certainly has its merits. The design pros at NuStone Transformations can help you make some informed style decisions.

Install a Water Filtration System

A home water filtration system is not the most common finding, but it definitely appeals to homeowners everywhere. Having access to purified water right from the sink can save money and time over replacing bottled water or using those pitcher-style filters. It’s easy to switch back and forth from regular tap to purified water, too.

Custom Closet Renovation

Both men and women seem to want more and more closet space, and a spacious, well-organized wardrobe is high on the list for many people. If you already have a big closet but the space isn’t well utilized, research custom closet services or DIY shelves, drawers, and other helpful features to make the space as functional as possible. If your closet is small, you can talk to a contractor about ways to increase its size.

Full Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen renovation is always a good investment. Kitchens are the most used room in the house, so having one that is comfortable, efficient and beautiful can offer a sizable value increase. Areas that are good bets financially include cabinets, countertops and appliances. It also helps to open up a kitchen to get more space and light or add an island for more functionality. Because kitchens are used so often, a quick renovation is important. We can get yours done in a day.

Replace Appliances with Energy Efficient Models

Whether you’re considering a kitchen renovation or not, opting to change out older, wasteful appliances for energy efficient models can save you a lot of money on utility bills and entice new buyers. Look for the machines, including refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and washers and dryers, with the Energy Star symbol to identify the best products.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s obvious, relatively simple, and one of the cheapest ways to increase a home’s value, painting both the interior and exterior of the house with contemporary, high-quality paint can make it look and feel like a brand-new home while chipping, dirty, or out of style paint can tack on years. Plus, good paint will last for years and help control energy costs.

These eight home improvements will instantly add a significant value to your home. Renovations in the kitchen and bathroom offer the greatest return on investment in terms of value and personal use, but every step you take to enhance your home’s value is a good one. We hope this article helped to boost your home value.

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