Are Granite Countertops Worth the Money?

Updating your kitchen by changing out old, inexpensive or unattractive countertops in favor of granite countertops is one of the most popular ways to add value and beauty to a home. But while it’s hard to deny the appeal of this stone, some may wonder if it’s worth the cost for traditional slab countertops. It’s true that natural granite can be pricey, at least compared with tile or laminate, but it often includes a wealth of benefits both functional and fashionable. Fortunately, there is another option if you adore the look and luxury of granite: engineered granite. If you’re considering switching out laminate or tile for the upgraded style of stone, here are several reasons why choosing engineered granite, instead of natural, is the right way to go.

Are Granite Countertops Worth the Money?

No Surprises in Appearance

Unlike manufactured materials, granite is mined from the ground in large slabs. That means, when you pick out your ideal specimen for your new kitchen from the factory, the one that arrives may look quite a bit different. Natural granite is unique; it may have similarities in pattern and color to others but like a fingerprint, no two are alike. Engineered granite, on the other hand, is produced using real granite in order to ensure a uniform appearance, which is especially important when it comes to hiding seams, something natural granite can’t effectively do. You also have the benefit of knowing in advance precisely how the pattern will look on your personal countertop.

Low Maintenance Versus No Maintenance

Are Granite Countertops Worth the Money? Most natural granites require sealing once a year, but that’s not the case with manufactured stone, which is non-porous. Both types are user friendly, but engineered granite is truly stain resistant, heat resistant, scratch resistant, moisture resistant and acid resistant, plus engineered products are tested Radon safe. Natural granite can stain, especially the lighter shades, if dark liquids or oil is spilled on it. They’re both easy to clean, and they’re both sturdy and durable for decades, but manufactured granite provides even more robustness and even less commitment than the natural stuff, and it’s less expensive.

Save the Planet

All granite is durable, which means it’s eco-friendly in that it’s long lasting. But slab granite is mined from quarries located all over the world, some of which are in hard to reach spots that require dangerous labor, specialized equipment and harsh chemicals. The result of all that cutting and digging is hard to quantify, but it’s extremely damaging to the earth. It’s also partly responsible for the high price of the stone. The more rare the color or pattern, the more work to find, cut and ship, the more expensive the end material. Manufactured granite doesn’t require the same process. It’s fabricated in-house using natural granite, quartz and stone bonded together with resin. The result is highly beautiful and high performing, without a high cost for Mother Nature or your wallet.

Easy Installation

Are Granite Countertops Worth the Money? One of the unexpected costs of granite is the installation. It’s not just the actual price of paying for professional installers; it’s the unintended price of having no access to your kitchen for an extended period of time. With our engineered granite, installations are quick—they’re completed in a single day—and they’re headache free. Engineered granite is lightweight and flexible, making installations quick and easy. Plus, they don’t even require any demolition. Install engineered granite over tile, laminate, glass or other countertop material without tearing out anything.

Granite countertops are the most popular request when renovating a kitchen, and for good reason. They’re beautiful, durable and have a luxurious appeal. But while natural granite is the most commonly sought after, engineered granite offers far more benefits at a substantially reduced price. Are granite countertops worth the money? If they’re engineered to last forever, they are.

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