Are you a New Homeowner in an Old House?

New homeowners are always keen to make a home their own.

A cabinet refacing in the kitchen of your new home can be a cost effective way to drastically change the look without doing any demolition or making a mess.

This is especially beneficial to those new homeowners like the layout of their kitchen but need to change up the overall look a little to better suit their aesthetic tastes.

What does it involve?

A kitchen cabinet refacing is a complete replacement of all the hardware in your kitchen,
such as doors, drawer fronts, handles, hinges, all mouldings and toe kicks.

What is left is the cabinet boxes themselves in their same layout. The big change will occur when all of this hardware is taken off, including the doors, and the cabinet boxes are transformed with new laminate.

Why not replace?

Refacing is extremely cost effective, saving almost half of the cost of a full replacement. With the cabinets already built it will save the time of building new ones.

There will be no need to redo all of the plumbing, lighting and electrical work. Even the mess will be minimal as there doesn’t have to be any demolition or construction. All of this and you can still use your kitchen while it is being renovated so you are not inconvenienced.

A last consideration for new homeowners in favour of a refacing is the materials are essentially being recycled or reused. Following the refacing, there will be very little waste to send to the landfill, especially when compared to a traditional kitchen renovation. This makes a cabinet refacing in your new home a good choice for you and the environment.