Oakville and Kitchener Bathroom Remodeling that Will Make Your Family and Friends Green with Envy!

Bathroom Remodeling

Thinking about the value of an investment in bathroom modeling? Bathrooms say a lot about the taste and imagination of a homeowner. Most of us can think of a friend who has the house, or elements of the house, we wish we had ourselves. Your home can be that home, your bathroom that bathroom. All it takes is a small investment in the right design and service provider.

Maybe you’re hoping to maintain consistency with the updated look you’ve achieved in the rest of your home, or maybe you’re hoping to create a bathroom renovation that will accent your home and make a stand-alone statement about your style and taste.

No matter what the purpose – durability, elegance, eco-friendliness or cost-effectiveness – NuStone Transformations can reface your cabinet doors, install striking new countertops, and create a beautiful backsplash to enhance your bathroom remodeling experience. NuStone Transformations (formerly Granite Transformations) understands your needs as Oakville and Kitchener homeowners because that’s who we are. And our commitment to making your life simple is topped off by our bathroom renovation lifetime warranty!

Transform Your Bathroom in One Day

Never thought the bathroom renovation that you’re dreaming of could take as little as one day?

We’ve structured our products and our installation process to make your life easier. Our bathroom resurfacing system allows us to take your bathroom from ordinary to outstanding without enduring an extensive, messy and chaotic demolition process.

How Does Bathroom Refacing Work?

Bathroom refacing consists of placing our custom cut slabs over top of your existing walls and countertops.

Our products

Our state of the art slabs are created to offer you the following benefits:

  • Elegance
  • Mold and mildew resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durability

We service residents of the Greater Toronto Area and the Kitchener/Waterloo Tri-Cities area. Visit our Oakville or Kitchener showrooms and book a free in-home consultation or Contact us today.