Bathroom Storage: 4 Tidy Ways to Keep the TP Out of Sight

Bathroom storage is important, and here’s why. Keeping a bathroom neat and tidy is paramount for many reasons, but having extra supplies of the essentials easily on hand is just as important. When it comes to toilet paper—admittedly an unglamorous topic—having a spare roll available for both home dwellers and guests can eliminate uncomfortable situations from ever arising. But if you don’t want to clutter up your space with unsightly warehouse packs of TP, here are a few ingenious ways for hiding the stuff in plain sight. Cute, clever and stylish, you’ll love these four bathroom storage ideas.

Above the Door Storage

If you have high ceilings, there’s no better place to store your available, unused toilet paper than right above the entrance door. Simply install a shelf directly above the jamb and fill it up with rolls. Stack them any which way you please, so they have an attractive layout, and consider adding some other decorative elements to make the area pop with style, like frames, fake plants or vintage signs. If the shelf is too high for many to reach, you can consider leaning a sleek step stool nearby or have a particularly robust trunk on the ground.

Magazine Rack and TP Shelf

If square footage is tight above and below, think about installing a modern metal magazine rack and storage shelf combination into a wall. Located just to the side of the toilet, this handy contraption allows bathroom users to peruse the periodicals and acquire any extra paper they need, without searching or getting up. Your guests will appreciate this foresight, and you’ll love the elegant look of the piece. Plus, it doesn’t use up any crucial space in smaller bathrooms that might feel cramped with a similar external accessory.

Vertical Built-In

Another space saver and appealing design feature is a toilet paper holder that’s built vertically into the space alongside some cabinetry or into the sink. The style blends in seamlessly with your other furniture and bathroom implements, while also providing easy access to toilet paper and any other essentials you want to display, such as small soaps, hand towels or similar items. This is an especially attractive choice for homes that entertain often or see overnight guests regularly.


If shelves, built-ins and magazine racks are all a bit too fussy and modern for your tastes, there’s always a classic standby: baskets. Whether you choose metal, wood or plastic, using a stylish and informal basket to hold your rolls of TP is an inexpensive, easy and fun way to take care of a universal problem. You can store the basket on top of the tank, or keep it down by the feet on the floor. You can also stack the rolls neatly, or toss them whimsically in a bundle.

A welcoming and hospitable bathroom always has a clean and tidy look to it, but it also has spare rolls of toilet paper at the ready in an easy to find location. You never want your guests or family members to search for this basic necessity and these easy solutions help make your bathroom both appealing and functional in the best ways. Try out one of these ideas to store TP in a fashionable way without cluttering small spaces.

Do You Have a Bigger Bathroom Storage Issue?

If hiding the toilet paper is the least of your problems, it might be time to consider a bathroom renovation. Changing up the vanity and fixtures can offer you more storage space, while updating the look.

Contact us today if you’re interested in a renovation with as little mess possible.