Bathroom trends to jump on in 2015!

Bathroom trends to jump on in 2015!

Big bathroom trends for 2015

If you are tired of looking at that same tired old kitchen or bathroom, or are looking to place your house on the market? Contact NuStone Transformations and let us transform your home. If you are planning on being in your home for years to come, now is the time to replace that outdated kitchen or bath with modern engineered granite countertops, replace those old cabinet faces and install new backsplashes. Or if it is time to think about selling, any good real estate agent will tell you that the kitchen is the most important room in the house, followed closely by the bathroom. An investment in these two rooms will get you the biggest return at the closing table.

Be an early adopter

NuStone Transformations can help you with fresh, modern design ideas when you call for your free quote, but you don’t need a consultation to know it’s time to do something. Do you still have old-fashioned tile countertops or that easily damaged Corian that was all the rage twenty years ago? Are your kitchen and baths decorated with that dark wood and Formica that makes it look like a cave? Are your cabinets still outfitted with brass or faux gold hardware? Then it’s time to get ready for 2015 and upgrade to a modern look that will add life and value to your home.

50 shades of cabinetry

Although white cabinets are beginning to make a comeback, gray is the new white and NuStone Transformations has granite countertops that can make your gray walls or cabinets pop. And if you need help with the cabinets, we can update your old ones with new doors and hardware. And speaking of hardware, stainless steel and gold are out; oil-rubbed bronze is in. Granite countertops look great with the new oil-rubbed bronze faucets and hardware. If that look is a bit too dark for your taste, or you still like your old silver hardware, at least upgrade to brushed nickel.

Clean and orderly is in

For the most part, bathroom trends are mirroring those in the kitchen, except the clean, contemporary look is even more important. The huge, old glass stalls with those massive rain showers are starting to lose favor over traditional tubs, but with a twist. Modern bathrooms are replacing the old whirlpool tub with free-standing soaking tubs. In a similar vein, under sink cabinets are being replaced with sinks that are open underneath and mounted on legs. Again, grays accented with whites are really coming on strong in 2015, so a white engineered granite countertop accented with new brushed nickel or pewter hardware may be just the thing.

You know you need to do it. You’ve been thinking about if for a while. Now is the time to get started. Contact NuStone Transformations today for a free quote, and start living in your dream kitchen and bathroom sooner than you think.