Cabinet Refinishing vs. Refacing/Replacing

You’re ready to update your kitchen cabinets. That means you have to choose between cabinet refinishing vs. refacing/replacing.

  • Cabinet refinishing vs…
  • Refacing (or an outright replacement)

More and more homeowners in Oakville, Kitchener, and Toronto are opting for cabinet refacing vs. new cabinets.

Here’s why.


The main driver behind any kitchen remodeling project is the kitchen renovation cost.

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When looking at cabinet refinishing vs. refacing (replacing), you’ll be paying for the following items:

  • Labour
  • Manufacturing
  • Hardware
  • Disposal
  • Lights and wiring (if applicable)

On the other hand, refacing vs. new cabinets gives you the affordable kitchen cabinets you’re looking for.

While it’s impossible to get a perfect estimate – cabinet refacing can save you 24% on your project vs. cabinet replacing. (Please note, this is an estimate only).

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Having any work done to your kitchen is a hassle. There’s just no way around it.

However, with cabinet refacing vs. replacing, that hassle is reduced drastically.

That’s all because of the cabinet refacing process, which ensures that:

Cabinet Refinishing vs. Refacing/Replacing

  • Your cabinet boxes (the main component of cabinet refinishing vs. refacing vs. replacing) stay in place
  • No tearing down, rewiring, rebuilding or messy infrastructure work needs to take occur
  • Less dust and debris to worry about and clean up afterwards

Consider this when looking at why cabinet refacing is a good idea. You could either:

  • Leave the contents of your cabinets where they are
  • Empty all your kitchen cabinets and find a temporary home for them

Doesn’t the first option sound much more appealing (and easier) than the second?

You bet it does.

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This isn’t pleasant to think about, but there could be mold and mildew behind your cabinet boxes.

Kitchen cabinet refacing project

Right now, those pollutants are hidden, out-of-sight, and don’t cause any danger.

However, if you rip out your cabinet boxes, you might release those contaminants into the air, which, in turn, can lead to more problems such as:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Skin irritations
  • Vision issues

With cabinet refacing, your boxes stay in place (as mentioned earlier in this blog). That means anything behind them stays exactly where they are.

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Cabinet refinishing is much better for the environment vs. a full cabinet teardown and rebuilt.

Eco-friendly Cabinet Refinishing vs. Refacing/Replacing

That’s because those old boxes need to go somewhere. And that somewhere is usually a landfill or dump.

They won’t be recycled.

They aren’t used for recycled lumber.

They can’t be resold.

Older (but not all) kitchen cabinets contain formaldehyde, which can’t be reused in any way. Once formaldehyde is exposed to the air, it can only go in one place.

That’s right; a landfill.

It all comes back to keeping your cabinet boxes in place. Any materials within those boxes are kept safe and out-of-the-way.

“We recently resurfaced our kitchen cabinets…The cabinet guy was always on time and installed the new cabinets exactly when he said he would.” If you are thinking of doing a kitchen facelift, this is a great alternative to a brand new kitchen. I am so pleased with the results.” Michael H. – Google Review

When cabinet refinishing vs. refacing or replacing is right for you.

Refacing cabinet unit

Cabinet refacing is a good idea if:

  • Your current kitchen cabinets our outdated
  • You’re thinking about selling your home
  • You want to certain elements of your kitchen, but are happy with others (i.e. countertops)
  • You have a smaller budget to be mindful of
  • Your cabinet boxes are in excellent shape

Cabinet refacing is not a good idea for you if:

  • The cabinets are in really bad shape
  • Want to change the overall layout of your kitchen

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