New Kitchen Cabinets in Oakville


The choice is yours. Replace or reface your kitchen cabinets.

Oakville homeowners looking to quickly transform the look and feel of their kitchen often start with the cabinets.

That’s why NuStone Transformations offers convenient options for you to update your cabinets just the way you want.

Cabinet Replacement

Brand new custom cabinetry made be experienced cabinet makers right here in Oakville.

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Cabinet Refacing

Spruce up your cabinet doors, handles, and hardware while keeping the boxes in place.

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Why are the cabinets the most important part of your kitchen?

Inside and out, there’s nothing more vital to the appearance and functionality of your kitchen than its cabinets.

Here’s why:

  • Organization: The right kitchen cabinets in your Oakville home make it easy for you to store and access items. At the same time, they can free up valuable countertop space too.
  • Structure: Well-built Oakville cabinetry stands the test of time and can handle anything thrown inside it without compromising its strength, safety, or how it’s attached to the walls.
  • Style: Cabinets can account for 50% of your kitchen renovation cost. They set the tone for all your other kitchen décor choices (paint, lighting, appliances, countertops, etc.)

Your cabinets are the biggest and most dominant aspect of your kitchen. They simply have to look exactly how you want them to.

What’s right for you?

After you’ve decided to update the kitchen cabinets, Oakville homeowners like you have to decide the best option for your needs.

Choose Cabinet Replacement If…

  • Your cabinets aren’t high-quality to begin with.
  • Refacing or repainting the cabinets won’t improve how they look.
  • You want custom cabinets to match your new kitchen design.

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Choose Cabinet Refacing If…

  • The cabinet boxes are in good shape and you only are changing the colour.
  • You want a less intrusive way to update your kitchen.
  • The infrastructure (plumbing, electrical, etc.) is fine as-is.

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