Kitchen Cabinetry Refacing Process


Transform your kitchen without the cost or hassle of a full renovation

By refacing your cabinets, your kitchen get a brand new look and feel with minimal cost and disruption to you.

But how does it get done? It starts with a call or a visit to our showroom…

Step 1: Schedule a consultation.

Refaced kitchen cabinets come in all colours and styles, including white with glass panes
Visit us, or we’ll come to you. There’s absolutely no pressure.

Look around. Ask questions. Share your thoughts and we’ll do the same. No decisions are made until you’re ready to make them.

Step 2: Choose your materials.

View colour swatches and hardware samples.

Once you’ve decided on your materials and any other changes you want to your kitchen cabinets, we start transforming your kitchen.

Step 3: Getting down to work.

You’ve chosen your new refacing materials. You’ve selected new cabinet and drawer handles. Now it’s time to get to work by:

  • Removing existing drawer fronts, doors and hinges
  • Preparing the cabinet surfaces for their new coverings
  • Applying veneer and paint to all visible exterior surfaces
  • Trimming the new coverings for a perfect fit
  • Installing new door, drawer fronts and handles
  • Adding additional fixtures or accessories as requested

Step 4: Enjoy your new kitchen cabinets.

You’ll notice an immediate difference in the way your kitchen looks and feels with your newly refaced kitchen cabinets.  And your guests will too.

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Kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing for a noticeable update without the cost and inconvenience of a total renovation

If you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom but like the layout of your kitchen, then cabinet refacing may be the cost-effective solution for you. Cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced and the exterior of the cabinet boxes are veneered or painted in a colour or pattern to match your new doors and drawer fronts. You’ll get a completely new look without a complete demolition and rebuild.

A bathroom transformation that has many advantages over a renovation

The interior of your cabinets and drawers are still in good shape and the layout of the room still works for you – this is the perfect situation for a refacing project. There are several advantages to going with this type of project:

  1. A wide selection of traditional and contemporary door styles and finishes to choose from
  2. No spiraling renovation costs from unexpected surprises with a demolition
  3. Professional installation that is typically completed in under a week
  4. Receive a free in-home design consultation and project management from start to finish
  5. No costly plumbing and electrical costs

Get additional visual appeal and functionality with new handles, fixtures and space-saving features
A kitchen or bathroom makeover with less mess, time and expense than a remodel

The easy process of cabinet refacing

After your design consultation, you decide on your materials and any other changes to implement. Then the magic happens:

  1. Existing doors, drawer fronts and hinges are taken off
  2. Cabinet surfaces are appropriately prepared for the coverings
  3. Veneer or paint is applied to all visible exterior surfaces
  4. Coverings are accurately trimmed for a perfect fit
  5. New doors, drawer fronts, and handles are installed
  6. Any other fixtures, accessories or additional cabinetry is added to complete the project

We have a variety of other updates you may want to include in your kitchen and bathroom cabinet refacing service.

Visit our Oakville or Kitchener showroom; or request more information to discover how easy and inexpensive a makeover can be.