Choose the Right Sink for Your Home Design

Let’s talk about choosing the right sink for your home design.

One of the most-used products in the home, the humble sink is more than just a place to wash hands and dishes; it’s where the design and focus of a room often falls. Choosing a stylish, high-quality sink that suits the space requires a basic understanding of the options available, including styles, materials, and mounting options. In addition to functionality, it’s important to consider appearance. The sink doesn’t have to be utilitarian alone; it can serve as the showcase piece of the room. Here is a quick rundown of sink basics to help you find the perfect one.

Bathroom Sinks

First, it’s important to consider mounting options. For bathroom sinks, the most common mounting styles are:

Drop-In: This style requires a larger vanity or cabinet with a custom-cut opening to “drop” the sink into. The lip hangs over the surface and sits flush with the countertop. It’s very popular, but it can be harder to clean

Under-Mount: The opposite of a drop-in, this sink type is installed directly underneath, and helps to emphasize, the countertop. They must be made absolutely watertight.

One-Piece: This style of sink includes a pedestal or some other support system, and it does not need a vanity or cabinet. It will often include all fixtures (faucet and handles) as well.

Vessel: These stylish sinks sit above the countertop like a bowl and are often eye-catching in design.

Wall-Mounted: Best for small spaces, this type of sink attaches directly to the wall, and it does not require a pedestal or vanity, opening up the area. It can be more expensive to install, however, if you have to hide the pipes.

Besides the mounting style, the material is of essential concern. Porcelain, glass, bronze, wood, stone, cast iron, and marble are all available. Remember: The more exotic the sink material the more likely it will be a vessel style. The most common material is vitreous porcelain, as it’s easy to clean, looks lovely, and matches with several styles. If you want a bathroom sink that is beautiful as well as functional but can’t change the sink, you can usually swap out the fixtures for new ones that are more stylish.

Kitchen Sinks

As with bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks are about much more than utility. They come in many of the same mounting styles, but there are a number of differences between kitchen sinks and bathroom, and they must be taken into consideration.


Kitchen sinks are typically available in stainless steel, enamel-coated cast iron, and solid surface composites such as granite or engineered stone. Stainless steel is currently the most popular choice, and it is particularly durable and easy to clean. If you tend to throw things into the sink or use it particularly hard, stainless steel is the best option. Enamel may be the most attractive choice, but it can scratch and chip.

Mounting Styles

Under-mount style is commonly used for stainless steel sinks. Solid surface sinks, however, offer an opportunity to have a seamless appearance if they are designed as a part of the countertop. Solid surface sinks also come in many colors and may be less expensive than other options.

Shape and Number

Unlike bathrooms, kitchens often feature sinks with more than one bowl. Double bowls of equal size are the most popular, but it’s possible to have three bowls, two of different sizes, or just a single bowl. By analyzing your sink habits, you can determine which combination offers the greatest usefulness. Furthermore, sinks don’t have to have the standard rounded square shape. Some sinks have round or rectangular options.


Bathroom faucets require only a basic ability, and they are often chosen for their appearance more than their utility. Kitchen faucets, on the other hand, offer an abundance of options and spray styles. Some faucets have an assortment of fixtures, from soap dispensers to dedicated water filters, in addition to a separate or incorporated spray function. A single lever faucet is generally considered a better option than double, for ease of use, and a faucet with an extendable arm will prove highly valuable.

Though it seems like a simple process, there are many elements to weigh when choosing either a bathroom or kitchen sink. With a better understanding of both form and function, you can easily create rooms that are enjoyable to use.


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