Custom Kitchen Cabinets Too Expensive? Consider Cabinet Refacing

Do you desperately need new kitchen cabinets? Are you finding that custom kitchen cabinets too expensive? Have you considered cabinet refacing?

Shhh!! Did You Know That Many Quality Custom Kitchens Use Cabinet Refacing?

You have seen a number of quality custom kitchens and been inspired by the beautiful cabinetry. The big secret is that many custom kitchens have used cabinet refacing rather than designing brand new custom kitchen cabinets.

You should consider cabinet refacing if you want to:

  • Save time – most cabinets can be completely refaced in 2-4 days
  • Save money – cabinet refacing is much more affordable than having a customized kitchen cabinet made (it could cut your costs in half)
  • Avoid mess – cabinet refacing is a clean, demolition-free process
  • Minimize inconvenience to yourself and your family – there is no need to change plumbing or wiring

In order to stay on budget cabinet refacing is a tool that many designers use to transform their kitchens. By saving so much on your cabinets you can put that money to good use elsewhere, including on:

  • New kitchen appliances
  • New countertops
  • New faucets
  • Paint colours
  • Light fixtures
  • Kitchen tables and chairs

Having a newly designed kitchen might require a huge overhaul of your existing design. However, with cabinet refacing you can save a lot of money which will help you achieve a quality custom kitchen for less.  Don’t waste your money when you find custom kitchen cabinets too expensive, when you can achieve the same look for less with cabinet refacing. Contact NuStone Transformations today for a free in-home consultation.