Dream It. Design It. Do It. Why Fall is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Why Fall is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

When you have a kitchen or bathroom that’s in desperate need of remodeling, anytime is a good time to get it done and install brand new:

However, sharp homeowners realize that some times of the year are better than others to undergo a renovation project.

And for them, fall represents the perfect time to get that brand new kitchen or bathroom remodel that, for whatever reason, they’ve put off.

The latest installment in our “Dream It. Design It. Do It.” series investigates why fall is the best time to finally take on that kitchen remodeling project.

Fall leaf

Fall is a season of renewal and fresh beginnings

There’s something invigorating once the calendar turns to September and beyond.

And people often make major changes to their lives in the autumn.

So it makes sense that, if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, the fall is the most logical time to do it.

Home values tend to riRising home pricese in the fall

Many prospective homebuyers do their house shopping in the fall.

This increased interest automatically leads to an uptick in overall housing prices – as much as 1% to 2% – just because people are looking.

Choosing the fall to remodel your kitchen can definitely add value to your home, especially if you’re looking to sell.

Now, remodeling your kitchen doesn’t mean having to completely rip it out for an extended period of time.

Depending on the type of remodel you’re looking to achieve, you can have:

This means that you can have a brand new kitchen to showcase in the fall, without disrupting or interrupting the season too much.

I love Thanksgiving

The holidays are approaching 

In the next three months, we’ll be celebrating the following holidays:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Halloween
  • Remembrance Day
  • Christmas

Which means your home will be busy with multiple family gatherings and visits.

If you’re kitchen isn’t up to the task (functionally), or if it’s appearance leaves something to be desired, the fall is the perfect time to remodel your kitchen to make cooking and entertaining much easier and more enjoyable.

Plus, you’ll get the added benefit of showing off your new granite countertops to your family and friends.

You’ll be spending more time at home, anyway

With colder temperatures, busier school schedules and shorter days, homeowners and families tend to stay at home more in the fall and winter than they do in the spring and summer.

So having a brand new kitchen or bathroom to enjoy will be appreciated by the entire family.

Get started

Fall is here – time to get started with NuStone Transformations

There’s no reason to put it off any longer.

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom for a while, now’s the time turn your kitchen dream into reality.

Fall is about new beginnings – and there’s no better way to revitalize your home than with a new kitchen from NuStone Transformations.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE in-home consultation with one of our kitchen design experts.