Eco Friendly Home Improvements

Let’s talk Eco friendly home improvements.

4 Projects to Help you go Green

Being environmentally conscious is becoming more important these days with home owners, and many are looking for different ways to improve their efficiency or complete projects in a more eco friendly way. Here are four home improvement projects that make you a greener homeowner.


Recycled Glass Countertops 

If you want to make a positive environmental impact, look to use recycled products whenever possible for your renovations or remodeling. Recycled glass countertops look elegant, and turn bottles and jars into a resilient and durable counter surface.

Cabinet Refacing


Traditionally, redoing your kitchen would mean sending dumpsters of old cabinet boxes and doors to the landfill. With cabinet refacing, only a small portion of waste is created. The process involves taking the structure of your old cabinets, and laminating them to achieve whatever your desired look is.

Bath Remodeling

A very similar concept to the above, your old bathtub can be fitted for a covering that gives it a completely new, clean look, without sending any of it to the dump.


Energy efficient windows are the best way to cut down the energy usage in your home. The majority of the heat loss from your house occurs through the windows, so replacing the old with better insulating panes will allow you to use less to heat your living space.

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