Engineered Granite Countertops – The Big Advantage

Granite countertops are the current trend in kitchen renovation and construction for good reasons.

Most people are first drawn to them by their stunning looks, but when they look a little deeper, they will find many other advantages that will make choosing an engineered granite countertop an easy decision.


The average density of a granite countertop is about 2650 Kg/m cubed, with an impressive average compressive strength of 180 N/mm squared. This makes granite one of the hardest and strongest of the known building stones.


Engineered granite is very long lasting because it is very resistant to air and water. It has a very minimal rate of wear and tear. Once you have your granite countertop installed properly you will likely never have to do anything to maintain it other than giving it a normal wipe down when it is wet.

Colour Selection

Granite is available in many colours. The wide variety of options make it suitable for all kinds of application and suitable for many different styles of kitchens.


Granite can be found pretty much anywhere on earth. Having many local sources helps to keep costs down, making it easier on your pocketbook.

Tolerance of High Temperature

We all know that kitchens get hot, and if your countertop can’t stand the heat, well, maybe it is time to get it out of your kitchen and install engineered granite.

It has a high resistance to high temperatures so it can withstand your next culinary masterpiece.

Easy Cleaning and Bacterial Resistance

Cleaning can be as simple as using ordinary soap or a strong detergent. Due to the density of the material, engineered granite is also resistant to bacteria. This makes engineered granite countertops the best choice for the home chef.