Engineered Stone The New Choice For Homeowners

Engineered stone countertops are a popular choice for homeowners in kitchens and bathrooms because of their many benefits.

Engineered Granite Countertops by NuStone Transformations


Many people are not aware that engineered stone countertops are man made countertops which are designed to suite any taste.

Available in a number of colours, patterns and varieties there is less maintenance involved with engineered stone materials.

In addition, they are much more environmentally friendly and:

  • Release less radon than natural granite countertops. Radon is a cancer causing agent.
  • Use recycled materials
  • Produce less waste to construct and install
  • Use less materials in the installation process
  • Can be recycled and are not sent to sit in a landfill

Engineered stone is a durable, high quality alternative to granite and natural stone countertops. Engineered stone doesn’t absorb odors and colours like granite does, which means it won’t stain and you don’t need to worry about cooking with corrosive foods like tomatoes.

Another great advantage of this stone is that it won’t scratch, dent, burn or stain and you never need to worry about water marks.  In fact, this material is so durable it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Whether you are an aspiring or experienced chef, you will love cooking in a kitchen with engineered stone countertops.

However kitchens aren’t the only places that people are installing this type of stone.  You find these countertops in bathrooms, basement wet bars and as the countertop in a laundry room.

Easy to clean and maintain, it is no wonder why homeowners are choosing the affordable option of it over granite for their homes.

NuStone Transformations offers high quality Trend Stone products.  Visit our showroom and see for yourself how beautiful and durable these countertops actually are.