Do you need to demolish or remove the countertop?

No, NuStone Transformations innovative process eliminates the need to remove the old countertop. Our stone is ¼” thick, so we are able to go right overtop of your old countertop. No demolition, no old countertop going into a landfill. Better for the environment and better for you!

How long does a NuStone Transformations normally take?

NuStone Transformations countertops can be installed in about a day.

Is there much mess and disruption involved in a NuStone Transformations?

Because we don’t remove your old countertop or cabinetry, there is significantly less mess and disruption to you than traditional kitchen renovations.

Why use NuStone Transformations?

NuStone Transformations has many innovative products and services and has offices around the world. We are the largest countertop franchise! Our surfaces are resistant to stains, scratches and burns, require no maintenance, and come with a lifetime warranty.

What is the warranty NuStone Transformations offers?

NuStone Transformations offers a 12 year warranty on our EarthStone countertops, a lifetime warranty on HanStone counteropts, a 5 year warranty on cabinets and lifetime warranty on our closets.

Can NuStone Transformations' Products be used for new countertops?

Yes, it can! If you don’t have an existing countertop, we can make a new base for your new countertop to go on top of.