Get Your Bathroom Ready for the Holidays

During the holidays, your bathroom is going to get quite the workout.

This goes double if you’re actually hosting Christmas this year.

Since guests can show up planned and unannounced, you want to make certain your bathroom is up for the task of handling all its visitors.

This means planning in advance to ensure you have everything you need.

It also means making sure your bathroom is as festive as the rest of the house.

Because let’s face it: once the holidays start (and we love the holidays at NuStone Transformations), you’ll be too busy entertaining, cooking and having fun to worry about whether the bathroom cabinets are full or if you have the right snowman soap dispenser.


Christmas candles

Candles in the bathroom

Placing holiday candles in the bathroom is a great way to bring the festive spirit into your washroom.

Especially if your bathroom is small in size or has limited space.

Scented holiday candles will also ensure that your bathroom is always smelling fresh and clean.

Some popular options include:

  • Candy cane
  • Gingerbread
  • Vanilla

Just remember to always practice candle safety when placing them in the bathroom. Make sure they’re not in a spot where they can easily be knocked down and that children can’t reach them.

Bathroom rug

Holiday themed bathroom mats

Christmas mats aren’t just for the front entrance.

Holiday mats for the bathroom are both practical and festive.

They’re available in all sizes and designs, ranging from Christmas trees to snowmen and snowflakes.

And they can easily add extra colours to your bathroom for the holidays:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Think of them like the ugly Christmas sweater that everyone owns.

Except you place them on the bathroom floor.

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Christmas lights around the mirror

There’s nothing like the soft and comforting glow of holiday lights.

But who says they have to stay outside?

There are holiday lights which are made for indoor use. So you won’t need to worry about safety.

Simply purchase a string of holiday lights and some garland or tinsel and surround your bathroom mirror with them.

You can leave them on while your main bathroom lights are off, creating an inviting focal point for people heading to the washroom.

Plus, they’ll also provide an extra source of light too.

The best part? You don’t just have to go with white lights. You can brighten up your bathroom in a variety of colourful lighting options.


Toilet paper

Stock up on lots of toilet paper

You can never have enough toilet paper in the house. You just can’t.

When stocking up on toilet paper, make certain the holder is always full and that extra rolls are (literally) within arm’s reach in case somebody runs out.

For the remaining rolls, you can place them underneath the cabinets, on a special bathroom shelf or even in your upstairs linen closet.

Just remember to always replenish what’s been used from time to time.

Hand soap

Soap, soap and more soap

Whether it’s soap or hand sanitizer, you’ll want to keep a full supply on hand just about anywhere you can think of:

Get festive with holiday themed hand soaps (such as candy cane, vanilla or gingerbread scented soaps).

And if you’re hosting children, you’ll want to keep a supply of hand soap on standby while they do Christmas or holiday crafts (which usually involve glue and glitter).

Use disposable hand towels (if possible)

It never fails: someone will visit you during the holiday that has a raging cold or cough.

If that person wipes their hands or face on a hand towel, there’s a chance they’ll spread their illness to other people in the house (or even worse, you).

Of course, you don’t need to use disposable hand towels if you don’t want to. Clean and dry cloth hand towels are just as effective.

Just make sure you have extra towels to switch out on a regular basis.

Place extra trash bins in the bathroom

This will come in handy – especially if you plan on using the disposable hand towels in your bathroom.

Want a complete bathroom transformation? We can help with that

Maybe you want to do something more drastic to your bathroom before the holidays arrive.

Like completely remodel it.

Even though the holidays are around the corner, you can still have an updated bathroom with our one-day countertop installation process.

The first step is to schedule a FREE in-home consultation with us.

We’ll come to you (when it’s convenient for you) and discuss your bathroom remodeling needs and what we can do to make them happen for you.