How Long for a Kitchen Renovation?

Did you know that a kitchen renovation can create up to 8 weeks of disturbance in your kitchen? If you are a DIYer, it can take even longer.

Here are the top 4 ways to minimize the time a remodel takes:

1. Don’t move your major appliances or sinksDSCI0009.JPG

Moving your sinks, fridge, or stove might require additional electrical or plumbing work, that will not only extend the duration that your space will be out of use, but also inflate your budget significantly.

2. Don’t start your project until all materials have arrived

If you or your contractor is special ordering supplies for your project, avoid beginning until everything has arrived. This might mean having to temporarily move your car out of the garage for storing the materials, but will save you the hassle of a half completed kitchen in the long run.

3. Be realistic about what you can DIY

When planning a remodeling project, be honest about what you are capable of, and how much time you can dedicate. When you total the money spent on eating out during the time that your cooking area is not usable, you might be surprised to find you are not saving that much money if you prolong your DIY reno for 2 months.

4. Use counter and cabinet refacingVeneto_sink_7387

Instead of demolishing your existing counter and cabinets, refacing puts a new cover on your existing structures, and can save you time (and money). You can have engineered granite or a recycled glass surface installed on your counter in as little as a day, as all of the prep work is completed in factory. Your cabinets can be laminated with a variety of different coverings that give the appearance of stained or painted wood, and you can be back to using your cooking space in less than a week.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce the time that your kitchen will be unusable during a renovation, contact NuStone Transformations for a free counter or cabinet resurfacing estimate.