How to Choose a Trustworthy Kitchen Renovation Contractor

How to choose a trustworthy kitchen renovation contractor?

Have you noticed how guests at a party migrate to the kitchen?

The kitchen is a focal point for family life, too. It is only natural to want to improve its appeal and make it more convenient to use.

If you’re thinking of a remodel or renovation, selecting the right people to realize your dream kitchen is the most important step in the process.

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How to get quotes

Finding a contractor with talents and work habits to match your individual needs is more work than just taking a neighbor’s recommendation.

Plan on procuring at least five quotes for the job. If you use sub-contractors, instead of a single contractor, get five quotes for each sub-project as well.

But don’t simply base your selection on price- in many cases, lower price means low quality materials, and no long-lasting enjoyment.

How to find contractors

There are many online directories of local contractors, and the Yellow Pages are always a good source. Additionally, check for ads in your local paper and ask for leads at local building materials suppliers.

A checklist for evaluating contractors

Ask potential general contractors these questions:

  • How long have you been in business? How much of your business is kitchen renovation?
  • How much experience do you have with the specific materials?
  • How much of the work will you do yourself? Do you use sub-contractors?
  • Are you on the job daily?
  • Who obtains permits and inspections?
  • What is the timeline for this project?
  • How much is the starting down payment?
  • Does the written contract include a timeline and payment schedule?
  • Can you provide three recent references for similar projects?
  • What warranty do you provide for the work? Are you insured?

How to check references

Focus on references for past work similar to your project. Be courteous and brief when calling past clients.

Inquire along the lines of the same questions you asked the contractor. Even though the contractor will likely provide you only satisfied clients, try reading between the lines for any dissatisfaction the client may have had. Determine if the contractor’s work style is a good match for your expectations. Also, check the contractor’s record with your local licensing bureau.

Be realistic about the time frame

Being without a kitchen for weeks is unnerving and inconvenient. Taking all your meals in restaurants is not practical, so plan how you are going to cook elsewhere in the house. Often, a garage makes a good temporary kitchen.

If you’re not willing to go without a cooking space for days, considering a refacing approach to your kitchen. You can have the countertop covered with a new, high quality surface, achieve the look of new cabinets, and even update your backsplash with practically no downtime at all.

Here’s how we minimize downtime:

Minimize Downtime

Managing your contractor

If your project is complex it is very easy for misunderstandings to occur- even if you’ve found an excellent contractor. If anything seems amiss, never hesitate to ask questions. Mistakes near the start of the project are often the most costly to undo. Do not make payments for work that is not completed.

When the job is done

Renovation job completion

When the kitchen renovation contractor says he’s done, double check the work against the contract and any ad hoc task list you kept during the project.
If any task is not complete to your satisfaction, you have the right to withhold the final payment. Get an assurance from the contractor that he will correct minor problems within the first 30 days after project completion.

Meanwhile, cook up a hot meal and prepare the invitations to your next party!

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