How To Clean Your Countertops Without Spending a Lot

You have to clean your countertops on the regular. Cleaning granite countertops is easy. You can clean your granite countertops as you would any other countertop, with a wash cloth and cleaner or gentle soap.

It is important that you clean up any spills immediately to avoid staining your countertop. It is not likely that your countertop will stain, especially if you use a sealant. However, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you cook with spices, tomatoes or use coffee and other foods that could cause staining just be careful to clean any spills and messes you make immediately.

This tactic will also help keep your kitchen clean and tidy, cutting down on the risk of you or your family getting ill.

Clean Your Countertops

Use a Sealant on your Granite Countertops

Your granite countertops require little maintenance. However, it is important that you use a sealant on them periodically to keep them in good condition. A granite countertop sealant can be found as a spray.

You can find sealant for your granite countertop at a granite specialty store like NuStone Transformations or a home improvement store.

A granite countertop sealant is especially good to protect your countertops from the normal wear and tear of daily life.

If you cook with foods that easily stain or that are very pungent like onions or strong spices then the sealant will protect the porous granite from such stains and odours.

You should seal your granite countertops at least once a year. A quick spray and wipe of the surface is all that is needed. You can seal the granite countertop more frequently if you wish.

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