How to Master the Neutral Bathroom Colour Palette Without Looking Bland

Drab, ho-hum, flat. Neutrals have gotten a bad reputation in the past from folks who love bright, bold colours. But neutral shades don’t have to be boring when done correctly, and the latest trends are veering back around and embracing the softer beiges, grays and off-whites for a more sophisticated look.

Patterned-Tiling-on-FloorsNeutral colours look especially lovely in the bathroom, but don’t let the smaller space can often benefit from light & airy neutrals- as long as you know how to do it right. Here are some helpful tricks that will ensure you master a neutral palette for a gorgeous result that’s anything but vanilla.

Paint an Accent Wall

Traditionally, accent walls featured a daring colour that offered a highlight to the rest of the room. You can still use the highlighting effect with neutrals; the look is just much subtler. For instance, in a bathroom with pale grey walls, an accent wall of steel blue can pop. Or consider using a camel brown to stand out from beige.

Add Unique Textures

Add-Unique-TexturesWhite walls can transform from colourless and bleached to clean and crisp with the help of exciting textures throughout the bathroom. For larger spaces, consider adding a chair or sitting stool with plush, woven or natural fabric with tactile interest. Window treatments made with highly textured fabric also create distinction, as do accessories that are rustic, vintage or weathered.

Opting for a neutral glass tile backsplash or shower will also ooze appeal while maintain the simple and clean colour palette.

Install Decorative Molding

It’s incredible how much of a difference a little molding can make. There are a variety of different options to suit every taste, including minimalist selections that are simple and chic and much more ornate designs that are bold and beautiful. It’s even possible to use molding in an accent colour, though white generally looks best. Do consider using white molding with a beige or other neutral coloured bathroom; the outcome is undeniably elegant.

Use Luxurious Materials

Use-Luxurious-MaterialsA bathroom with a simple colour scheme will look anything but plain when using sophisticated glass or granite counter surfaces, and high quality fixtures like sinks, faucets, and lights. An added bonus of following this trend towards a neutral palette is that it is classic enough that it will never look dated.

Opt For Patterned Tiling on Floors

A simple print or pattern in neutral colours has a much more pronounced effect when covering a large area. Using tile with neutral colours can look elegant (and expensive) and it can prove surprisingly affordable, too. Earth-toned mosaic glass tiles are an eye-catching choice that feel warm and inviting, but never dull.

Incorporate Statement Décor

Using the neutral shades of paint and materials as a subtle backdrop for one or two statement pieces is a classy and professional way to make any room, especially the bathroom, feel particularly refined. A vintage pedestal sink with ornate faucets, an oversized wrought iron light fixture or an opulent frame around the mirror draws the eye to it as a focal point without crowding the design with competing colours. Even bold towels can help accessorize a perfectly neutral washroom design.

Neutral shades like beige, white and grey have sometimes suffered from misguided negative opinion. Neutrals are subtle, elegant and clean, the perfect combination of characteristics for the bathroom. Elevate your washroom from a place of functional use to an inviting retreat by using these tips to master a neutral palette, and enjoy the bright and stylish results.

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