How to screw up (or not screw up) your kitchen remodel

Let’s talk how to screw up (or not screw up) your kitchen remodel.

With the wide array of big box, boutique, and warehouse home improvement stories now available, alongside seemingly infinite design websites, attempting a kitchen remodel can be an overwhelming effort. It’s especially easy to start sacrificing your personal sense of style in the face of teams of professionals who seem to know better about the best ways to redo your living spaces. However, to ensure that you do not screw up your renovation and end up with something as close to your ideal design as possible, following your instincts is one of the key kitchen remodeling rules.

Trust your instincts / Do what designers say

First off, trust your own sense of style, not that of showroom or online designers. You know your home space and sense of style better than anyone, so follow your intuition. To help hone that instinct, though, you can peruse home design websites and magazines, as well as the many stores in your area, as this will show you what designs, materials, colors, and styles are available. You will also get a stronger grasp on what you want out of the renovation and the particular elements that are most important.

Bring it home / Buy it in the store

For colors and materials, take the extra time to bring samples home and into the space that you’re renovating. This will allow you to see how the light in that space affects the material and its tone so that you can be sure it’s exactly the color you want. You can also match your chosen hue to wall ant trim color. To help everything mesh together, keep the same color palette throughout, whether that involve more fresh and clean colors or something a bit more vibrant.

Choose what you love / Settle for what’s okay

Picking the wrong color or material can lead to massive costs, especially when hiring professionals to repaint cabinets or replacing a poorly chosen countertop. So, be sure to only invest in materials and choices that you love, which will keep costs under control by ensuring that you make the right choice the first time. This is especially important in remodeling, as you may find yourself stuck with cabinetry, colors, or other choices that were made too quickly. Take your time! We really don’t mind.

Talk to your contractors / Watch mistakes happen

One big but incredibly common mistake that most homeowners make is not talking to their contractor. If you think you see something going, speak up. We want you to be as comfortable and happy with your renovation as you can be. It’s your home. Help us (or whichever contractor you choose) get it right.

In short, trust yourself as a homeowner – even if your style tends toward riskier design choices like bright colors or unpopular materials. At the same time, when you do make mistakes, remember that you can still recover from them by trusting your instincts, or allowing your contractor to trust theirs. If you take the time to understand your style with a bit more depth, then you can best advocate for your ideal kitchen and avoid letting others tell you what your kitchen should be. For a free quote on your project and help in implementing your style and design choices, from countertops to cabinets, backsplashes, and other renovation needs, contact NuStone Transformations today.