How We Created the “Dream It. Design It. Do It.” Series

Many of you have asked us about our latest series, “Dream It. Design It. Do It.”

Namely, how did we come about creating it?

Well, when we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers, we found that there were three distinct elements which play an important role in transforming your kitchen or bathroom.

Of course, they are:

  • Dreaming about it
  • Designing it
  • Doing it (and making it happen)

Kitchen dreaming


Dream it

At some point, you may decide it’s time to upgrade your kitchen for a variety of reasons:

  • It’s old
  • It’s outdated
  • It isn’t functional anymore
  • Certain elements (like the countertops or the cabinets) need to be replaced
  • You want to add new design features (such as a backsplash)

And when you’re looking for a change is when your imagination springs into action.

In other words, you’re beginning to dream about what your new kitchen can be.

When you walk into your kitchen (or bathroom), you no longer see a tired room.

Instead, you begin to see possibilities about things like countertop materials, new appliances and kitchen or bathroom hardware.

That’s dreaming it.

Kitchen design

Design it

Eventually, the dream needs a plan in order to make it happen.

It needs something that can be translated from your imagination onto a paper blueprint.

At this stage of the transformation process, you’re ready to meet with a design expert to talk about what’s possible for your kitchen or bathroom:

  • Cabinet heights
  • Storage areas
  • Personal design style (such as colours or patterns)
  • New appliances
  • Hardware components
  • Flooring considerations

You’ve moved beyond just thinking about your kitchen remodel and you’re now designing a plan that can be followed.

You know that you want to transform your kitchen or bathroom.

And now you know how it should be transformed.

That’s designing it.

Do it

You’ve followed the emotion which comes with dreaming about your new kitchen.

You’ve created a logical design plan for your kitchen countertop installation or bathroom transformation.

Now comes the time to do it with:

As your kitchen or bathroom is being updated, you can begin to see elements of your dream come to life.

You can also follow the transformation process, courtesy of your design plans.

And eventually, you won’t believe the before and after change your kitchen will go through.

That’s doing it.

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Let us be your partner as you “Dream It. Design It. Do It.”

At NuStone Transformations, we understand that updating your kitchen or bathroom is an emotional, logical and financial process.

We’ve been there ourselves.

And we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners over Oakville, Kitchener and the GTA transform their homes with respect and understanding.

It’s how we created the “Dream It. Design It. Do It.” series.

And it’s how we’ll give you the kitchen or bathroom you want.