Imitation Granite Countertops vs Real Granite Countertops

There is a difference between imitation granite countertops and countertop refacing. In bathroom refacing real countertop materials such as engineered stone, mosiac slabs and recycled glass are used. These materials are not fake or “imitated” in anyway.

Fake Granite Countertops vs the Real one

Bathroom refacing is a great way to save money while still giving you the beautiful look and feel of a luxurious bathroom renovation that seems very expensive.

Bathroom Refacing Is Cost Effective

Bathroom refacing can be done for your countertops as well as your walls. There are a number of benefits to the bathroom refacing process, including:

  • No messy or chaotic demolition
  • Quick installation – completed in as little as one day
  • Cost effective – less materials are used so the process is more cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly – since you are using existing materials less waste is created and the overall process is greener than a complete renovation

What Exactly is Bathroom Refacing?

Bathroom refacing is simply the process of putting a customized slab on a pre-existing wall or countertop. There are many materials that can be used in bathroom refacing, including:

  • Mosaic slabs
  • Engineered stone
  • Recycled glass
For example, if you choose recycled glass, a slab will be cut according to the dimensions of your bathroom and then installed overtop of the existing countertop.
NuStone Transformations only uses premium products for our refacing projects. These materials are perfect for the bathroom because they are:
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable

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