Is Granite Radioactive?

Granite RadioactiveIs granite radioactive? Natural stone is formed over thousands of years, and all forms of the rock have the potential to contain radioactive materials such as radium, and uranium. When these elements are present, radon, a radioactive gas, can be emitted by the rock as it ages.

Radon has been linked to lung cancer, so it is no wonder why people are frequently concerned about bringing this material into their homes.

Can a Countertop be a Health Hazard?

The amount of radon emitted from an average pure granite countertop is likely too low to be of concern. We are exposed to radiation from many other manmade and natural sources on a daily basis, including smoke detectors, and x-rays. If you are concerned with your current countertop’s radon levels, you can have your indoor air tested to be sure.

Engineered Granite has less Radon

Engineered countertops provide the visual appeal of natural stone with better strength, durability, and less radioactive matter. Ours are comprised of quartz, granite, and a binder, so there is less uranium, radium and other materials as pure stone.

Still Not Sure? Try Recycled Glass Instead.

Recycled glass is a material to consider if you want an elegant kitchen or bathroom without taking the risk of granite radioactive. View the different looks you can achieve with recycled glass counters now.