Kitchen & Bathroom Trends to Ditch This Spring

Let’s talk trends to ditch.

At the beginning of the year, NuStone Transformations looked at some hot kitchen design ideas for 2016.

Today, the focus shifts the other way on kitchen and bathroom design styles which are no longer in vogue for spring 2016.

Trend Kitchen Desk

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Kitchen desks

In the 1980s, many kitchens came with desk space that was built directly over the countertops.

Why? Because back then, the kitchen is where many people:

  • Made phone calls
  • Paid the bills
  • Read books or magazines
  • Stored or accessed cookbooks
  • Did homework

Fast-forward 30+ years to today. The need for a kitchen desk no longer exists.

Many people don’t have a landline or primarily use their smartphones. Bills are paid online. Books, magazines or recipes are read on tablets. And homework can be done anywhere.

Your new solution: Remove the kitchen desk and replace it with useful counter space on top and smart storage below.

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Trend Whirlpool Bath

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Whirlpool bathtubs

Again in the 1980s (there may be a trend here), whirlpool bathtubs were a big thing.

Now, they’re just an inconvenience because:

  • They don’t get used much
  • They take up lots of space in the bathroom
  • They’re expensive to run (a single whirlpool bath can use approx 340 litres of water)

Whirlpool bathtubs are now just a fad from the past. But having a relaxing bath never goes out of style.

Your new solution: Replace the whirlpool bathtub with a large shower that comes with shower seating, built-in shelves and a multi-setting showerhead.

Trend Stovetop Microwave

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Above-stove microwaves

Around 30 years ago (again, what is it with the 1980s?), people started putting microwaves above the stove.

You can sort of see the logic in keeping all your cooking appliances in one location.

Today, it doesn’t work for a variety of reasons:

  • It limits the resale value of your home (if a prospective homebuyer is 4’11”, they can’t reach it)
  • Open-concept kitchens inspire people to install stylish range hoods which are nice to look at

Your new solution: Have a microwave drawer installed under the countertop installation. It keeps the microwave out of sight, but accessible. And it frees up valuable counter space too.

Trend Brass Hardware

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Brass hardware

One of the easiest ways to update the kitchen or bathroom is to change the hardware.

Brass hardware was a popular design option back in the day. But as more people remodel their bathrooms or reface kitchen cabinets, brass hardware becomes outdated quite quickly.

Your new solution: Install brushed or satin nickel hardware. It looks good. It’s easy to clean. And it has a timeless look which works within any room.

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