Kitchen trends to jump on in 2015!

Let’s talk kitchen trends to jump on in 2015!

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is always an exciting annual event and this year was certainly no exception! With a record-breaking attendance by vendors, the booths on display wowed the audience, while showing off the trends taking place this year and for the future.

One constant theme of the show  was reminding the visitor that kitchens are the gathering place of all activity – whether folks are simply returning home after a long day, or entertaining during a large party – the kitchen is where everyone naturally converges.

Kitchens are the heart of the home, the most used room in the house and where innovations and trend-setting displays of art are making a grand appearance.

Granite Stands the Test of Time

Facebook 5thStone is durable, can take a beating and still remain strong. Small wonder that stone in the form of engineered granite was featured in a large number of booths this year at the show. Proven to be the most popular are grays and blacks, returning to the traditional times gone by. But with them are fantastic displays of colourful backsplashes, enlivening the mood of the whole kitchen. Stone mosaics, with the use of artful glass of many colours and textures are giving designs – and not just behind the stove or sink – a lively, a new twist.

Today’s engineered granite can give the luxury found in high-end kitchens, even though it is now affordable for anyone. Imagine countertops that are scratch-proof as well as heat-resistant. The current surfaces are non-porous, which means they resist stains, as well. As an added bonus, engineered granite countertops offer a clean, germ-free environment. Without pores, germs are unable to take hold and the counter can easily be cleaned using a sponge and a small amount of detergent. With just the swipe of a hand, the entire surface is as clean as a hospital surgery.

Granite Renovations Made Easy

One common theme of the KBIS show this year was environmentally-friendly products. And renovations using granite are just that. Gone are the days of ripping out whole structures in the kitchen – instead, folks are rewarded with adding a new surface to existing structures. And what a difference that makes!

For one, the kitchen counter makeover can be finished in a day. Construction is minimal, but your neighbor will be none the wiser when you show off your new kitchen design while doing your part reducing waste for a landfill.

We Do it For You

At NuStone Transformations we believe in what is best for your kitchen, just the way you want it. Especially when it comes to kitchen trends. We’ve been doing this for nearly 50 years and have it down to an art! We help you with the planning and then before you know it, your kitchen has transformed into a usable, beautiful space that is the envy of your friends. Contact us or drop by our showroom for ideas about your renovation.