Material Options for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing at NuStone Transformations, there are four popular material options available to homeowners. Each of which offers its own pros and cons.

Lacquer Kitchen


When to use lacquer:

  • When your current kitchen cabinets are in good shape
  • You love the look and style of the cabinet door fronts
  • All you want to do is change the colour 


  • The simplest and most cost-efficient way to update kitchen cabinets


  • Changing the colour is not as simple as just painting over the doors
  • Door fronts and drawers must be sanded down first

Thermofoil RTF Doors

Rigid Thermofoils (RTF)

When to use RTF:

  • When your cabinets get heavy use and you want something more durable and easy to clean


  • RTF is malleable and mouldable
  • Can fit on a variety of shapes, included arches
  • Has a natural, wood-like appearance


  • Requires special professional installation (definitely not a DIY job)
  • Current hardware will need to be replaced to match the look and feel of RTF


PVC doors


When to use PVC/laminate:

  • You want to replace your kitchen cabinets quickly and on a budget


  • Has a very wood-like finish compared to RTF
  • Less expensive than using real wood
  • Comes in a wide variety of solid colours
  • Allows for versatility in colour and design choice
  • Can be installed by novice DIYers
  • Allows for a very quick installation process


  • More expensive than RTF

Wood cabinets


When to use wood:

  • When you want to give your kitchen a rich and timeless look


  • Unmatched when it comes to appearance and natural character
  • Approximately 50-60% less expensive than replacing cabinets entirely
  • Almost any type of wood (pink, oak, maple, cherry) is available


  • Most expensive of the four common material options

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