Modern Sinks to Complement Your Engineered Granite

Nice kitchen sinkLet’s talk modern sinks to complement your engineered granite.

The first step in creating a stunning kitchen that’s inviting for both the eaters and makers of food is to install stylish and durable granite countertops.

But beyond the surfaces, another important feature of every kitchen is the sink, which often sees the most action.

These two elements work together to make prep work, serving and cleaning easy and enjoyable, not to mention beautiful.

And when you replace or install countertops, it’s always a good idea to introduce a new sink that suits the new design.

Not every sink has to perfectly match the granite, but they should complement one another.

Here are some suggestions on how to successfully marry a granite surface with a correspondingly chic sink for a designer kitchen you’ll love to use.


Classic kitchen sink

Classic granite colours include beige, sand, light grey and brown tones with speckles of red, copper, black or other earthy or neutral shades.

They’re not overwhelming, only subtly classy with a universal appeal. Your sink should be the same.

Stainless steel is beautiful, easy to care for and highly functional, just like engineered granite.

There are various shades of stainless steel from which to choose as well as many textural finishes. A sink with a single bowl is minimalist and modest, just like the granite.


If you love cooking or entertaining, you probably use your kitchen regularly. You’ll want an interior style that suits vigorous use.

For entertaining purposes, you may like a granite pattern that includes blue, one of the most sought after and most rare colours in granite.

Double kitchen sink

As for sinks, you should opt for a double sink.

Having one side devoted solely to dishes, vegetable peels or other scraps keeps those items out of sight while leaving another bowl open for washing hands or rinsing off fruit.

Stainless steel remains the most popular choice here too. But with a variety of sizes and shapes of double and even triple bowl sinks, you can choose the one that best meets your needs.


Vintage kitchen and sink

Old is new again, and that’s never been more true than with vintage and antique-style appliances in the home.

Choose a darker shade for the countertops, earthy, rich browns tend to look especially nice, depending on your décor, and go bold with the sink.

Sometimes called an apron front or farmhouse sink, these beautiful deep sinks can be made from fireclay, cast iron, copper or stainless steel.

They stand out with their unique charm and old-fashioned style, but they also make sudsing up a breeze.

High Style

Black kitchen sink

Fashion is fleeting while style is forever; so if you want a sink with a dramatic look that transcends trends you should choose an undermount in an unexpected colour.

Powdered black, copper and brass are all stunning options, but don’t stop there.

Unique fixtures featuring the latest gadgetry and unusual-shaped bowls are equally eye-catching.

As for the granite, make it sleek and sophisticated.

A pure black is elegant, but creams can also emphasize the beauty of every appliance, especially a darker sink.

Modern Sinks

There is something to be said about modern design’s sense of restraint. Clean lines and subtle shades are not only stylish, but they’re also very calming.

Modernism creates an elegantly blank canvas for use—what you make is the star of the show.

Modern sinks feature functional elements, like a chef’s faucet with a coil hose, or European details with the pull out spray feature tucked away.

The granite, of course, should be equally demure and clean, but the individual colour is up to you. Neutrals look best.

Engineered granite gives you the style, functionality and durability that you crave at a price that is far more reasonable than traditional slab granite.

Get a sink that honours this fantastic material and gives you the kitchen of your dreams.

Modern sinks, vintage or classic, engineered granite pairs well with them all.

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