Mother’s Day Gifts for the Kitchen

Happy Mother's Day

Let’s talk Mother’s Day gifts for the kitchen!

Firstly, everyone here at NuStone Transformations wants to wish all the moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Now, if you’re looking for a Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8) gift for mom and she loves cooking and spending time in the kitchen, here are some ideas she’s sure to love.

Learn her favourite recipe and cook it for her

Here’s a novel Mother’s Day kitchen gift: get her out of the kitchen.

What better way to thank Chef Mom than to cook for her?

Find out what her favourite dish is and then practice, practice, practice cooking it until you get it right.

On Mother’s Day, tell her to go and relax. You’ll handle the cooking.

Then surprise her with her favourite meal, prepared just the way she likes it.

Kitchen iPad Stand

Picture courtesy of Babble

A kitchen iPad stand

Quick: when was the last time mom grabbed a cookbook from the kitchen cabinets and leafed through it to find a recipe?

Modern moms and old-school moms alike are turning to their iPads or tablets to find new things to cook.

If that’s your mom, a kitchen iPad stand is a perfect gift idea for a variety of reasons:

  • They’re available in colours and styles to fit any kitchen décor
  • They keep the iPad off the countertop and away from the stove while they’re cooking
  • They’re small enough to neatly be stored out of the way

And perhaps, most importantly, it just makes things easier for mom.

A brand new kitchen

It sounds outrageous, doesn’t it? A brand new kitchen sounds like a big and expensive gift.

In reality, it can be quite affordable and practical.

If over the years, mom’s been asking for a kitchen upgrade, why not surprise her this Mother’s Day with one?

A complete kitchen remodeling project can be done in just 30 days, during which everything in the kitchen will be transformed:

  • Custom kitchen cabinetry: If mom’s having a tough time reaching the cabinets (or if she just finds them ugly), give her a one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinet layout.
  • Backsplashes: Your mom (and everyone else) probably hates washing the wall behind the kitchen sink. A mosaic backsplash is easy to clean and looks fabulous too.

Oh, and you’ll probably want to tell mom about her new kitchen before the project gets underway. She’ll definitely want input into things like colours and styles.

Granite countertop

Just the countertop

Maybe the bulk of your kitchen is in great shape, except the countertops.

In that case, a simple new countertop installation will do.

Just like a brand new kitchen remodel, all the popular countertop materials are available:

And with kitchen countertops, they can be installed in just one day.

It’s perfect for mom.

First, tell her that she’s getting the new countertops she’s always wanted.

Then, let her select from a variety of countertop samples.

After which an installation team will come and measure the kitchen.

Last – but not least – the installers will come back and transform the kitchen with one-day countertop installation.

Clean the kitchen for mom

Clean the kitchen from top to bottom

No matter how modern, stylish or functional a kitchen is, nobody likes cleaning it.

This Mother’s Day, why not tackle a job which, quite frankly, isn’t much fun?

Give mom a big hand around the house by making the kitchen truly sparkle and shine.

Let us help make this Mother’s Day special

If mom loves to cook, shouldn’t she have the kitchen she truly wants?

Absolutely she should. And she can with help from NuStone Transformations.

Whether it’s cabinet refacing or new countertops, we can design and build a kitchen to mom’s specifications.

Really surprise mom this year with a FREE in-home consultation with our design experts.

We’ll come to you (or your mom’s house) talk about her kitchen wants and show some samples.

It’ll be a gift she’ll love (and use) for a lifetime.