Seven Money-Saving Tips for Your Dream Kitchen

You’re ready for your dream kitchen. And you know that it will require a financial commitment.

So, how should you go about saving money for your dream kitchen? First and foremost, as with any goal, committing to it – and keeping committed to it – is key.

Over time as you save money, you may become frustrated and wonder if it’s “worth it.”

When those thoughts creep into your head, see if you can put a price tag on the following benefits of having your dream kitchen:

  • Family’s improved enjoyment
  • Improved functionality
  • Possible home resale value

Dream kitchen

Of course, you can’t really put a dollar value on those things, which should provide the motivation you need to keep saving.

There are other money-saving tips you can employ to ensure you can meet your kitchen remodeling project budget without strapping yourself.

1. Examine your family’s financial resources

Take a look at money going in and money going out to bills and other existing commitments.

That should help you determine how much you should set aside each month in order to meet your savings goal.

Needs vs. wants

2. Needs vs. wants

You need to establish the reasons behind your renovation, like:

  • Cabinets are old and need cabinet refacing
  • Appliances aren’t working properly
  • Walls could use a backsplash installation
  • Not enough storage for all your items

Reasons like these could prove that your renovation is more of a need than a want.

Conversely, if your kitchen (or elements of your kitchen) is still working properly, then you may label them as a want which can wait.

save money

3. Save extra (you may need it)

No matter how much you budget – right down to the last penny – the reality of any kitchen renovation or countertop transformation is that unforeseen issues will almost always present themselves.

Therefore, it’s always wise to save more than your estimated cost.

It can be a real lifesaver and will definitely reduce the stress of facing higher costs which you didn’t expect or anticipate.

4. Limit your personal spending

Maybe this goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: when you’re saving for your kitchen remodel (or even a bathroom remodel), ask yourself if you really need what you’re buying, like:

  • Dinners out
  • Extra clothes
  • Entertainment options (like going to the movies)

Instead of going to the movies, you can rent movies instead. Or rather than buying lunch at work, you can pack a homemade lunch.

It may not seem like much, but over time it can save you a ton of money.

5. Set up a separate account for your savings

By having a dedicated account for your dream kitchen, you can arrange to have a portion of your earnings automatically deposited into your special account.

It’s a great way to save for your kitchen project without feeling the pinch. Plus, if that money is automatically saved for you, you won’t miss it or be tempted to spend it.

6. Plan your project around existing elements

This relates to plumbing and electrical work, mainly.

Trying to move those elements can almost double the cost of your project. And in many cases, it isn’t needed.

If you plan and design your project around existing plumbing or electrical components can save you a bunch of money and will free up extra cash which can be used somewhere else.


7. Get a professional estimate

Before you start any work on your dream kitchen, you should get a professional estimate that accounts for the cost of:

  • Time
  • Labour
  • Materials.

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