Step-By-Step Guide To Paint and Replace Your Cabinets

Here is our step-by-step guide to paint and replace your cabinets. Changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets can completely transform the feel of your kitchen.

Many people choose not to paint their cabinets; it is hard work, and might not always guarantee great results. However, it is possible to get the look you desire if you put the time in to do it properly.How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets White

In order to achieve cabinet painting success, your cabinets must be in good condition. If they are damaged, painting will highlight the problem, and cabinet door replacement is a better option.

For those that are confident in their DIY abilities, here are the steps to beautiful painted cabinets:

Step 1: Clean and prep your cabinet doors

Paint will not adhere properly if there is dirt and grease present on the surface to be painted. Learn how to clean kitchen cabinets properly first.

Step 2: Buying supplies

Remove all of the cabinet doors, and bring one along with you when looking to purchase paint.

Retail employees will be able to tell you if a primer is required based on the material and finish on the door.

Select your paint, and purchase a good quality paintbrush that is meant for the type of paint you are using to minimize streaking.

Step 3: Dedicate a day (or two)

Depending on your desired result, most cabinets will require at least 2 coats of paint. No matter how many coats your give your cabinets, it is important to allow doors to dry for 4 hours between coats.

Step 4: Wait

Do not give in to the temptation of putting your cabinet doors back on a few hours after your last coat. A minimum of two full days drying time is required to ensure you don’t mess up all of your hard work.

Step By Step Guide To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinet
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Paint and replace your cabinets can save you up to half the cost of replacing all of your kitchen storage. Learn more about cabinet refacing.