Stylish Cabinets for a Standout Kitchen

Let’s talk about stylish cabinets.

Do Upper and Lower Cabinets Have to Match?

There used to be hard and fast rules about cabinets, and one of the most rigid was that both the upper and lower cabinets had to match. Of course they did! Mixing and matching finishes, colours or styles was outside the realm of possibility or good taste for a long time. Not so anymore. Today, more and more people are taking risks with their interior style, and one of the most intriguing results has been the switch from matching to mismatching cabinets. With a few ground rules and some careful choices, you too can have gorgeously contrasting cabinets that reveal your high sense of taste and the inherent beauty of your kitchen. Here’s how to do it.

Dark Bottoms Light Tops

One trend that seems to be developing is using lighter cabinets on top and darker ones on bottom. This gives an airy feeling to the kitchen, opening up the space and making it feel larger. The key to making this look work is to use the same finish and style for both the top and bottom, and adjust only the colour or stain of the cabinets. For instance, a lovely blonde wood on unadorned cabinets looks fantastic above richly stained dark brown for the lower doors.Keep the knobs and pulls simple so that the focus is on the contrast.

Accent Piece

If you’d like to highlight one aspect of your kitchen, perhaps the island, you can do so using a different stain or material on that accent piece. If the surrounding cabinets feature maple, you can opt for a darker cherry colour for the island cabinets or wood features. Keep the pulls and countertops the same to create a connection between the two spaces. Another way to highlight is using paint. You may want to choose a bright, cheery shade on the pantry doors and the frame around the microwave, if yours is built-in. They instantly pop out and create a modern, playful look in your kitchen.

Secret Highlights

There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little trepidation about taking on a bold style like mismatched cabinets. Why not baby step into the look by trying something subtle yet fun? Add a pop of colour to the insides of cabinets, rather than changing the exterior. You can paint the top insides a different shade than the bottoms or even decorate them with the full spectrum of the rainbow. Every time you open the cabinets you’ll be greeted with your handiwork, which will undoubtedly improve your day. Suddenly doing the dishes doesn’t seem so disappointing.

Mixing Materials

Paint and stain aren’t the only options for changing the style of your cupboards; you can swap the materials too. Again, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the lighter coloured material on top and the darker on bottom. Think frosted glass cabinets on top and dark wood on bottom. Or, pick white laminate cabinets for the top and light grey painted oak bottoms. Juxtapose modern with vintage-inspired if you’re truly daring. Wood and laminate are still the most popular materials, but if you’re brave you may discover a new way to design your kitchen.

When it comes to the personal design of the busiest room in your house, it pays to be bold. You should love eating, serving and entertaining in your kitchen, and using mismatched cabinets to create a unique and stylish space is one way to achieve that. As long as you generally only change one or two elements, the colour or the material, and keep others the same, such as the handles, you cannot go wrong.

We can reface your existing cabinets, giving your kitchen a facelift, with stylish cabinets, and almost no disruption to your daily routine. Call us today or visit our showroom to find out more.