The Art of Budgeting For Your Home Renovation

There is an art of budgeting for your home renovation. When it comes to keeping the cost of your kitchen renovation within your predetermined budget, there are a few steps you should take well before the first cabinet is emptied and taken off the wall.



Here is a practical guide to help youbuild the kitchen you envision.

kitchen renovation idea
Ask Yourself Questions


Before you start, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself:


1) Am I a handyperson?

This will determine how much help you will need from contractors.


2) How will I use this kitchen, what number of people do I expect to have in it, and how big do I need to build to accommodate for these factors?


3) Where is my kitchen located?

Kitchens that face to the east, west or south generally have a darker colour chosen. Those facing north are commonly painted lighter to make them appear larger.


north facing kitchens are darker and often painted lighter

Plan Thoroughly

With those questions answered you can start to look at planning. Having a firm plan established is the best way to keep your kitchen renovation cost within your budget.


Here are a few pointers to keep your costs down during the planning phase:


1) Keep the sink and stove in their current location. Moving the drains and gas lines will be costly. A sink alone can be $2000, plus the cost of hardware and installation.


2) Plan your lighting well in advance, and bring in an electrician for assistance prior to the project.


3) Most reputable renovation companies will offer a free in-home consultation. Use this to your advantage and help determine costs with their assistance.


4) Your biggest expense will be new hardware. Fridges, stoves, dishwashers and other appliances will quickly eat up your budget. Shop carefully.


Having to change your plan after the work has started is one of the biggest cost increases during a kitchen renovation. Planning makes all the difference.