The best condo updates you can make

Let’s talk about the best condo updates you can make.

Condo Living: Small Space, Bountiful Options

When you live in a small space, it makes sense (and cents, but more on that later) to invest in well constructed and skillfully designed structures. Most residents generally require adequate storage and adaptable accessibility for organization and functional, optimal living.

The home’s kitchen is a popular room for remodelling and new updates. Every family and even single individuals or couples require the use of a kitchen. The kitchen is the best place to invest remodelling money in because buyers pay close attention to this room. The kitchen is like the heart of a home. Resale value increases with proper remodels and renovations.

Here is our top two pick for condo home upgrades that will give you the best return on your investment.

Quality Cabinetry

Cabinetry in both bathrooms and kitchens should be well designed and stately in structure.  Often, condo owners perpetuate a small space with inappropriately proportioned furniture and cabinetry pieces.

It’s a better design choice to purchase larger scaled furniture and cabinetry. Up-scaled pieces can open visually and practically up a room and create a feeling of majesty.

Make a grand statement with larger than life quality cabinetry. Well constructed cabinetry will actually increase the value of your home while providing much needed storage space.

Today, you can choose a traditional full remodel where all of the cabinets are completely torn down and removed. New cabinets are purchased and installed or custom built and secured.

Fortunately for the condo home owner who hopes to make the greatest impression on the visual appeal and function, cabinet refacing proves a more profitable investment. Refacing cabinets requires less remodeling time and cuts the cost considerably. Instead of being in a state of construction for weeks to a month or more, refacing cabinets allows your job to be completed within days. Consider cabinet refacing as a cost effective and time-saving option.

It’s important to find reputable installers who are licensed and fully insured for installation, home improvements, renovations, and repairs.

Using quality products in your home will greatly enhance the overall function, feel, and value. Ensure that the company you choose provides warranty on their work and product.

Countertops & Working Space

Countertops provide a working area for the kitchen and in bathrooms. They also serve as storage space and areas to hold your daily use items like a coffee pot maker. When a home is tiny (in terms of square feet), it’s important to find and utilize adequate working space.

Today, you have boundless options for countertops. Some of the most popular include granite, quartz, and recycled glass countertops.

Granite is a top quality product and highly sought by home buyers. Condo owners who are looking to resale quickly should consider this option carefully. Affordable options are accessible for the savvy investor. Color options make this a fun project with plentiful possibilities.

Quartz is a highly durable and readily available product that can be used on countertops and as part of bathroom shower stalls. This versatility paired with easy maintenance make quartz a good choice for many condo owners.

Recycled glass is an environmentally friendly product that offers a unique shine un-paralleled beauty. The product is finished to be stain and scratch resistant.


A simple backsplash can liven up your kitchen with only a few simple tiles! Check out these ideas.

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