The Quickest Way to Remodel Your Kitchen

There are few renovations as overwhelming and expensive as it is to remodel your kitchen. Often costing in the tens of thousands of dollars, it can seem financially impossible to update the busiest room in the house. However, you’re not stuck with an outdated kitchen if you know a few tricks for paring down costs when it comes to one often-pricey change: cabinets. Skip a full-priced cupboard replacement and improve them instead.


One of the best kitchen remodeling ideas is cabinet refacing. Rather than replacing expensive kitchen cabinets, simply reface them for a contemporary look that costs 50-60 percent less than traditional replacement. Here’s everything you need to know about the process, from the amount of time it takes to the myriad design options, so you can make an informed decision and create a beautiful new space.

Visual Impact

Before you begin, consider the size and scope of the room. The cabinets in most kitchens take up a great amount of space, as much as 75 percent of the area, depending on the style. Decide how much visual impact the cabinets should have before you start any remodeling plans in earnest. Lighter colored woods and simple designs lessen the heft, while darker woods and decorative styles dramatize the space. It’s easier for a larger kitchen to go to the dark side, as the deep tones can make a room feel smaller.

Down Time

down-timeOne of the main drawbacks of updating a kitchen is dealing with downtime. A serious renovation means a shuttered kitchen for several weeks or more, especially with custom shelving. Fortunately, cabinet refacing takes only a few days—usually fewer than four—to complete, so you can focus on finishing other kitchen remodeling ideas in a hurry. Additionally, any quality professional outfit will clean up the mess between workdays, allowing you full use of the kitchen (albeit without cabinets) after hours.

How it Works

It’s true that you can do some types of cabinet refacing alone, but it’s always smart to employ a professional to ensure the best quality end result that comes with a long-lasting guarantee. Once hired, a professional will measure your kitchen and speak with you about options, from materials to design preferences, before beginning the dismantling of the cabinets. He or she will remove all the doors (you’ll receive new ones) and hardware before sanding down the boxes in preparation for the next step.

If you’ve chosen RTF, laminate or wood for your new cabinets, then the craftsman will either mold or cut veneers for the boxes and order brand new doors in your chosen color. Pick out modern hardware and pulls to finish off the look once the new doors and veneers are finished. Veneers are applied using either cement glue or nails, the holes from which are then filled. You now have a beautiful new kitchen.

Design Options

design-optionsSometimes the hardest part of starting a kitchen remodel isn’t costing it or doing the work, it’s deciding on the design and materials. Most cabinet refacings use lacquer, laminate, RTF or wood. More information on the benefits and disadvantages of each of these will be coming in the next post.
There are numerous articles detailing kitchen remodeling ideas that are guaranteed to save you money on your renovation, but cabinet refacing is not only a money-saver, it’s also a time-saver and earth-saver too. Don’t throw away your sturdy, character-filled cabinets when a simple, inexpensive update will do.

Get a Consultation

If you’re interested in investigating refacing further, contact us for a consultation. We’ll be able to provide you numerous design options, and an accurate quote for when you remodel your kitchen.