The Truth About Bathroom Refacing and Faux Granite Countertops

Bathroom refacing is not the same as faux granite countertops. With bathroom refacing real granite is used, which is why the term faux granite countertops is not actually a good description of the process.

The Truth About Bathroom Refacing

Bathroom Refacing A Cost Effective Process

Bathroom refacing is a cost effective process that can save you time and money. The benefits of bathroom refacing include:

  • No messy or chaotic demolition
  • Quick installation – completed in as little as one day
  • Cost effective – less materials are used so the process is more cost effective

How Does Bathroom Refacing Work?

Bathroom refacing is a simple process of placing a custom cut slab on a pre-existing countertop or wall. There are many materials that can be used in bathroom refacing, including:

  • Mosaic slabs
  • Engineered stone
  • Recycled glass
A great benefit to the slabs of material that NuStone Transformations uses for your bathroom refacing project is that they are:
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
When it comes to bathrooms, easy maintenance is important. You don’t want to spend more time cleaning your bathroom than you have to!

Another benefit of bathroom refacing is that you are making good use of your existing materials, and simply adding a new finish or “face” to them.

This means you get a completely new look for less money. A great environmental benefit of bathroom refacing is that it causes less waste, which means that it is a green process.

For more information about bathroom refacing contact NuStone Transformations today and learn why a refaced bathroom countertop is not the same as faux granite countertops.