Top 10 Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen

If you are renovating your kitchen in your house then you should consider granite. Granite is a great option for the kitchen because it is so durable and comes in such unique patterns and colours.

renovating your kitchen

How to Replace Kitchen Countertops

 Wondering how to replace them? Replacement of old countertops is not difficult because when you purchase granite countertops the installation is normally built into the price.

 Installing a new countertop in your kitchen can be done with minimal disruption to you.

The process normally involves:

  • Ordering – choose your slab of granite from thousands of colours and patterns. Each slab of granite is unique
  • Measuring – measurements will be taken of your kitchen so that the granite can be cut to fit perfectly
  • Cutting – your granite countertop is cut in the shop to minimize any mess or intrusion in your home
  • Installation – your granite countertop can be installed in your kitchen in a few hours

Granite can be costly, but you can reduce the cost of your kitchen countertop installation by:

  • Removing your current countertop yourself
    • Depending on the type of countertop you have this could be as easy as simply unscrewing the countertop from your cupboards
  • Taking care of the plumbing yourself
    • If you have a shut-off valve in your kitchen then you can minimize disruption during the installation process
    • If you don’t have a shut-off valve, installing one is not difficult. Talk to an associate at your local home improvement centre

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