Two Rooms, One Choice. What Should You Remodel First: The Kitchen or the Bathroom?

In a perfect world, you could remodel both your kitchen and bathroom at the same time without worry.

However, like most families in Oakville, Kitchener and Toronto, you are probably hampered by things such as:

  • Budget considerations
  • Time constraints
  • Family needs
  • Room availability and convenience

Two rooms, one choice.

If you’ve got a bathroom and kitchen you’d like NuStone Transformations to renovate, but aren’t quite sure which room to start with, consider the following when making your decision.

The seasons

What’s happening outdoors can influence your indoor home remodel choices; especially as wintry weather approaches.

Fall is an ideal time to renovate your kitchen because:

  • Autumn is all about renewal and fresh starts
  • Home values tend to go up in fall; perfect if you plan on selling your home during the season
  • You’re hosting the holidays and would like to update your kitchen for it
  • You’ll be spending more time at home and want your kitchen to be as cozy as possible

Now, if you plan on waiting until winter to begin a renovation (and many people do), here’s why starting with the bathroom is your best bet:

  • Most homes have multiple bathrooms to use vs. just one kitchen
  • It’s difficult to BBQ or grill during the winter
  • When calculating your kitchen renovation cost, you’ll need to set aside money for dining out

The colder the weather, the more complicated your renovation will be.

So, if it’s still generally warm and nice outside, go ahead with the kitchen. If you want to start in the middle of winter, get the bathroom done first.

You want to sell your home

The old adage when it comes to home renovations is that kitchens deliver a greater ROI than bathrooms.

When you think about it, it’s quite logical:

  • Kitchens tend to be the social hub of the house
  • Things like appliances, counter tops, lighting, and cabinets can all be updated

Of course, there’s no harm in having a beautifully transformed bathroom to showcase as you sell your home.

But if you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, a kitchen full of cool upgrades is the way to go.

Your lifestyle

You love your house. You love your neighbourhood. You love where it’s located. You have no plans to sell your home and intend to stay there as long as possible.

In that case, when deciding which room to renovate first, ask yourself these questions:

  • Between the kitchen or bathroom, where does your family hang out more? Chances are you answered the kitchen. If so, that’s the room to renovate first.
  • Do you love taking long baths or showers? If you’d rather spend an hour in a relaxing bubble bath and 3 minutes zapping frozen pizza for dinner, you should start with the bathroom.

Take some time to consider what’s important to you: Socializing in the kitchen or soaking in the tub? Trying out new recipes or enjoying a soothing shower?

Once you have that answer, you’ll know which room to renovate first.

Convenience and simplicity

It’s unavoidable: Any kitchen or bathroom transformation is bound to disrupt your day-to-day life.

So ask yourself:

  • Do you know how to peacefully survive a kitchen renovation or bathroom project?
  • What room can you do without for an extended period of time?
  • Can you create a makeshift kitchen or shower somewhere else during the renovation?
  • Do you understand how things like cabinet refacing and counter top installation work?

Again, this comes down to what matters to you.

If cooking homemade meals for your family is paramount, begin with the bathroom.

If you cannot live without your soaker bathtub, start with the kitchen.

The kitchen? The bathroom? Whatever you choose, start your remodel with NuStone Transformations

Whatever your priority is – the kitchen or the bathroom – the team at NuStone Transformations can make it happen for you.

Starting is easy!

Then, one of our design experts will come to you (you select the date and time), to discuss what you want for your home.

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